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5 Reasons we’re excited to welcome the springtime

Spring has arrived and the whole country is happy to welcome it into our lives. Whether you’ve been roasting in the heat waves of the south of the UK or you’re just jubilant to see the daffodils poking their heads up from the ground, so recently covered in snow, we’re here to celebrate spring and all the joys that it brings. It’s been a long winter and we deserve to throw aside the winter layers and get some sun on our skin.

We love spring for a million reasons, here are our top 5 reasons to shout from the rooftops that the sun is here.

1/. All our plans can come to fruition

When the wind was blowing and snow covered the roads, did you catch yourself thinking ‘if the roads weren’t icy I would love to get out on my bike’? Or, ‘if it wasn’t dark at 3 pm I could go for a run after work?’. The ice has gone, the evenings are light and we can put all of our plans into action. Opportunities to go wild camping and cook over the fire are back and it’s time to start making memories to live off when the next winter rears its head and keeps us indoors once again.

Lana wears the FINDRA Oronsay top and Route merino T-shirt

2/. We can leave the house without being wrapped up like Eskimos

Ahhh, the feeling of sun on our skin, the warm spring breeze through our hair when we get outside. Although you will nearly always need a waterproof jacket and a warm layer if you’re getting outside in the UK, leaving the house less encumbered by bulky jackets and muffled by scarves is a treat. The FINDRA technical lifestyle range means you can wear lighter layers that are breathable so you always feel fresh, and when it gets cold you can layer up safe in the knowledge that your merino layers are working to keep you at the right temperature.

Steph wears the FINDRA Caddon merino top in teal and the Winter Rose bobble hat

3/. Spring colours are all around us (and on us)

Daffodils and tulips are everywhere, brightening up roadsides while new grass and crocuses adorn our lawns. Cherry blossom hangs off trees and it’s impossible not to enjoy the coming of the spring. Spring is also the time to embrace colour into our wardrobe and wear whatever shades we want, whatever makes us happy and makes us want to sing. This is why FINDRA have released new colour options of our classic tops in jewel-like tones to have you excited to get dressed in the morning. The Caddon is incredible in Teal and the Marin merino stripe in Eggplant will become your go-to top for springtime walks. The whole merino blend range offers incredibly beautiful colours that will have you greeting the sunshine.

Steph wears FINDRA Ailsa in Grenadine

4/. Light evenings (and mornings) are here and the possibilities are endless

Just waking up to sunlight is enough to start the day well, we all know that spring (and summer) are not all about sunshine and warmth but one thing we can be assured of is sunlight. Suddenly post-work runs and bike rides are a possibility and the pre-work dog walk is a delight rather than a chore. Our aim for the coming months is to make the most of as many hours of daylight as we can get our hands on, at both ends of the day.

Lana wears FINDRA Caddon in Teal, Bobble hat in winter rose and Skye merino socks in Grenadine

5/. Everyone is so happy

This winter has been a long one, it’s been great to wear our winter woollies for the duration but when the sun peeks out, spirits rise and everyone is so joyous and we’re glad that spring is here. Social media is full of sunny adventures and BBQ pictures and you can feel the happiness from your screen. No one wishes and waits for the end of the summer like we do with the winter, cheeriness is written in everyone’s faces and it’s contagious, flowing between us like a happy yawn. It’s a time for getting together with friends and family, smiling, laughing and tackling challenges you could only dream of in the winter months.

Big smiles and much mud. Cat wears FINDRA Marin merino top in Charcoal

We love you Spring Time and we’re more than ready to make the most of what you offer.