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5 things that make summer awesome: Anna McGorum

Who doesn’t love the Summer Holidays? Over a month of action packed days, ‘stay up as late as you want’ evenings, shorts and t-shirt weather (if the Scottish weather is in a good mood) and, of course, no school! It’s everything anyone ever wanted, all in one holiday! But, there are some things that make Summer the best time of the year. Here is a list of the top 5 things that will make everyone’s holiday a 10/10…


  • Beach time


As the school term draws to a close and the long-awaited summer holiday begins, there’s one place where everyone wishes to be: the beach. The thought of lying on warm sand whilst basking under a strong sun next to the Mediterranean Sea, or strolling along miles of endless beach on the West Coast of Scotland, is enough to make anyone excited. Couple that with family games of frisbee, sandcastle building and jumping over waves, whether in a swimming costume or UK appropriate wetsuit, and the perfect family holiday is made. Throwing some sunrises or sunsets into the equation are also fantastic ways to open your day at the beach or bring the day’s excitement to a memorable end.


  • Fun on two wheels


Whether it’s shredding the trails of the UK’s best bike centres or taking a leisurely ride along the coastal promenade, us “adventurous lot” love getting out on two wheels during the summer. Bikes are a great way of creating family adventures during the holidays, as outings can be personalised to suit all ages or abilities and can range from a couple of hours to several days, for those intrepid bike-packers amongst you. Cycling can also be incorporated into a camping trip and can make a holiday really exciting amongst other activities such as hiking, open water swimming and canoeing.


  • Eating ice cream


Ice cream! Mmmm. It’s definitely one of the coolest desserts out there. Walking to an ice cream shop and drooling as you attempt the impossible task of narrowing twenty ice cream flavours down to only a couple leaves everyone grinning from ear to ear. This refreshing treat can make a summer holiday awesome, by providing the kids, and adults, with a delicious refreshment after a tiring day of running around or, when used by parents to re-excite the kids during a dull marathon trek around a touristic town. Trust me, it happens regularly!


  • Raspberry picking


Summer brings way to the old British tradition of raspberry picking. Young and old alike take to the woods, armed with plastic containers and wellies (because the British weather isn’t as good as you might have thought), to find and pick the little red fruits. Collecting the raspberries is only half the fun. The rest is had at home where the raspberries are met with several possible fates; eaten straight out the tub, turned into jam, pureed, smoothied or even ice creamed! The fun that comes with finding and cooking your own food can be enjoyed solo, with family or friends and even with your canine companion.


  • Barbecues


You know its summer when the woody smell of barbecues lingers in the air. Not only do barbecues bring family and friends together, they also create a social event where holiday sagas can be exchanged in-between burgers, chicken drumsticks and fresh salads. Good food and friends go hand in hand, so make sure to get out there and enjoy the layed back summer atmosphere.


So that’s it folks; 5 things that will make your summer one of the best yet. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s camping, cycling, hiking, enjoying the countryside or just lazing about in the garden, get out and do something awesome!


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