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5 things to do on Boxing Day and Beyond

Have you woken up in need of some inspiration about what to do today and for the rest of the week?

All the presents have been opened and you’ve eaten as much chocolate as it’s possible to consume. You’re looking for something to keep everyone in the family happy and enjoying the Christmas family time.

Here are a few bits of inspiration for what to do today.


1/. Head to the Christmas markets.

Kids can spend some of their Christmas money on trinkets and it keeps you feeling festive for another day. Another day of sparkle and good cheer will stretch out the Christmas feeling. You’ll get to overindulge while still getting some fresh air.

Do check online though, some Christmas markets won’t be open while others will be open for shorter periods than usual. Edinburgh, for example, is open from midday on the 26th so you can take your time getting there.


2/. Boxing Day Swims.

It might be a bit late to get involved if you aren’t already entered but you can head down to the beach and watch the enthusiasts get in the icy water. It doesn’t look too cold out there today so even fresh water swimmers won’t be breaking the ice before they get in the water, still, they deserve respect for this active and entertaining Christmas tradition.

They’ll appreciate a big cheer when they get in and maybe a bit of Chocolate when they get out. And it’ll give you something to think about for next year.

Check out to see if there is a swim near you. This isn’t an exhaustive list but you’ll find more online.


3/. Head out to the cinema

If you’re fed up with Eastenders specials and want some new movie action on your boxing day, head to your local cinema. There will be something there for all the family, you could even split up and go to see different movies. Everyone will come out happy and with more to talk about on the drive home as you relive your movie for the people who watched the less good movie (we’re all entitled to our opinions).

4/. Go to the Zoo

The staff at zoos never get the day off, locking the gates and putting your feet up for the day isn’t an option when there are hungry big cats waiting for their dinner. Some zoos are even open on Christmas day (for limited hours).

It might not seem like an obvious thing to do but it might just be quieter than normal and allow you to get a better view. Everyone will be in the Christmas spirit too so it’ll be a great experience for the kids (and the adults too).


5/. Get out for a walk

Well, we know you’ve already thought about this one, and possibly met some resistance from your family, but it’ll be well worth it we promise. Chances are that someone in the family got given something they can try out on a walk, whether one of the kids got a bike or new gloves, or even if you were lucky enough to get some FINDRA. A walk in the fresh air will do you good.

It’ll raise everyone’s mood once they’re out and you can have a bit more turkey when you get back, you’ll deserve it.

Be sure to get onto our Facebook group ‘12 bright days’ and share a photo to help motivate other people to get outside on the days between Christmas and New year.

We hope you have an amazing Christmas break.

From all at Team FINDRA