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Adventures Close to Home

With the popularity of Instagram ever increasing, it’s easy to think that you need to travel far and wide to have great adventures and get that perfect IG shot. Whilst we love a bit of foreign travel, at FINDRA we also support the concept of local everyday adventures. Those which you don’t have to travel far to experience. Sometimes you don’t even need to leave your town! So here’s a list of 20 ideas to have your own local adventure this summer!


1/. Gather your friends and start a dinner party tradition where each of you cooks a dish from a different country each time.

2/. Try a different coffee shop each week.

3/. Visit the closest body of water to you.

4/. Go on a walking tour of your home town/city.

5/. Spend a week saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity coming your way.

6/. See how far you can walk in one day.

7/. Swap houses with a friend for a week.

8/. Search for local community groups and get involved.

9/. Find the next local festival in your area and book a ticket for a random event.

10/. Consume a type of culture you’ve never experienced before.

11/. Take language lessons and find a language cafe in your area.

12/. Hope on a bus/train/metro line you’ve never been on before and get off at a random stop to explore the area.

13/. Host a Murder Mystery Dinner with your friends.

14/. Pick a foreign cuisine and find the best local restaurant to try it.

15/. Go geocaching.

16/. Bivy out on a local hill.

17/. Camp out in your back garden!

camping adventure local

18/. Go fossil hunting.

19/. Take a different form of transport to work.

20/. Forage for local foods to make dinner.