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Books We’re Reading This Summer

Members of Team FINDRA have been off on their holidays recently and they’ve all come back raving about the books they’ve read. Considering it’s nearly Book Lovers Day, we just had to share these with you! Read them by the beach, by the pool, in your back garden or on the sofa – it doesn’t matter. Tweet us if you’ve read any of them and how you got on!


1/. Becoming by Michelle Obama

Alex loved this book so much she couldn’t put it down, except to take a photo!

“In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era.”

Michelle Obama’s memoir took the book charts by storm at Christmas 2018, becoming the bestselling book of 2018 in the US, but some of us are just getting round to read up on Michelle’s inspirational life story.

Almost every member of Team FINDRA has read this now, so perhaps it will become compulsory reading for all new members of staff!

Alex tells us, “Such a great read. The insights this book gave me into who Michelle Obama is, how she ticks and what is important to her was so inspiring and moving, such a powerful, grounded, honest and truly good human being. Her integrity is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by ego and power.”












2/. 50 Shades of the USA by Anna McNuff

Alex had the pleasure of meeting Anna’s mum at the Henley Women’s Regatta earlier this year, and it’s safe to say we’re huge fans of the McNuffs!

You’ll be hard pushed to find a more positive, energetic and enthusiastic person than Anna and her books are a joy to read. You’re guaranteed a laugh but you’ll also be left ready to get out on your bike after reading Fifty Shades of the USA – her solo journey to cycle through every state in America.

Just now, Anna is running barefoot across the UK! We’re looking forward to that book, but in the meantime, you can get all of her updates on her Twitter and Instagram.













3/. The Shining Mountain by Peter Boardman

Our brand ambassador, Graham Kelly, tells us that this book is “the only book I have ever read in one go and it’s the book which inspired me into the mountains as a wide eyed teenager”.

The Shining Mountain is the tale of Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker attempting to summit the unclimbed West Wall of Changabang in the Himalayas in 1976. It will set your heart racing with vivid descriptions; you’re right there with them climbing that mountain.

Sadly Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker died on Everest in 1982, whilst attempting a new and unclimbed line. Their desire to climb new routes is exactly what makes them pioneering members of the mountaineering community, but doesn’t come without huge risk. Peter and Joe live on through the annual mountain literature award which marks the very best of mountain writing. More details can be found here.

To escape to a place few people have been, pick up a copy of The Shining Mountain and climb Changabang.








4/. A Gift of Time by Flora Maxwell Stuart

Nestled behind Innerleithen (where FINDRA began) is Traquair – a hamlet with a huge history. Traquair House claims to be the oldest continually inhabited house in Scotland since 1107 and now serves as a tourist attraction.

There’s something quite wholesome learning about your local area, and Flora Maxwell Stuart has written a fantastic book in A Gift of Time detailing “the story of a wartime childhood in England, marrying the twentieth laird of Traquair and the ups and downs of turning Traquair into a tourist attraction”.

Our recent FINDRA Social Walk with the Scottish Borders Walking Festival took us through the Traquair grounds – it’s key to life in the area. We’d highly recommend this book if you’re local to the area (or even if you’re not!).











5/. Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernières

Susan has a brilliant way of choosing which books she’ll read on holiday. “I do make a point of reading a few books set in the county I’m visiting so my recent travels to Turkey meant that I’ve been reading anything by Louis de Bernières”.

According to Susan, Birds Without Wings is ‘very moving’ as it narrates a tragic love story during the rise of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the ‘Father of the Turkish Nation’.

If you’re after a more intense novel, then we highly recommend this. If not, we still love the way Susan’s chosen her holiday reads. Definitely a way to feel fulled immersed in the country you’re travelling to and to find books you otherwise may have overlooked!











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