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The FINDRA Elephant Bike

If you’ve been to our Innerleithen shop it’s hard to miss our Elephant Bike, modelled below with Alex. Our bike is usually greeting people at our front door and displaying anything from bobble hats to local flyers or socks, but did you know that every Elephant Bike has a twin?   “The story started a…

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Outdoor Adventures to Try Together

Sharing adventures with your partner or close friends can deepen a bond and create amazing memories. See each other at your best and your worst and strengthen your team. Making time to get outdoors with your other half might take some extra time planning and resources but it is always worthwhile. Here are our top…

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Books We’re Reading This Summer

Members of Team FINDRA have been off on their holidays recently and they’ve all come back raving about the books they’ve read. Considering it’s nearly Book Lovers Day, we just had to share these with you! Read them by the beach, by the pool, in your back garden or on the sofa – it doesn’t…

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Why Choose Wool?

Humans are the masters of invention, designing and innovating to find new solutions to old problems. But have you noticed that, in the end, we always revert back to nature’s solutions? With the oceans filling up with plastic microfibres, why would we put our trust in synthetic fibres for our clothing over natural ones? We’ve…

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Five podcasts to listen to this summer

Audio documentaries have been around a while, especially with platforms like Radio 4 and BBC World Service, but once the iPod was invented in the mid-2000s, the podcast market began to grow. Being able to listen to informative or entertaining audio shows on the go widened the market to a new generation of people who…

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What Have You Always Wanted To Try?

Our intrepid CEO, Alex Feechan, went off on her holidays earlier this month to enjoy some seriously deserved R&R. However, true to form she managed to still fit in some exciting new experiences! She managed a few days of rest, book reading and sunbathing but it wasn’t long before she saw the opportunity to try…

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Adventures Close to Home

With the popularity of Instagram ever increasing, it’s easy to think that you need to travel far and wide to have great adventures and get that perfect IG shot. Whilst we love a bit of foreign travel, at FINDRA we also support the concept of local everyday adventures. Those which you don’t have to travel…

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Merino Wool, in the summer … really?

When you love the outdoors and want to remain active at any time of the year regardless of the temperature, it’s crucial to dress appropriately and ensure your clothing is comfortable, adaptable and works hard for you. When you think of sunshine and warm days, you might not instantly reach for your merino, but actually,…

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Why I Love to Ride – Helen Langridge

cycling motivation

To celebrate National Bike Week, we asked the cyclists of Team FINDRA what it was that they loved the most about riding their bike and where that passion came from. Today we asked Helen, our social media coordinator and Edinburgh shop assistant, why she gets out on her bike.   I learned to ride a…

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Sustainability and Us

This year FINDRA supported three Scottish women taking part in the Homeward Bound Project. Now in its fourth year, Homeward Bound selects women from all over the world who are concerned with how we treat our planet and puts them through a year-long, state-of-the-art programme to develop their leadership and strategic capabilities. The programme culminates…

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Tackling the Transmarocaine Tizi N’Trail

Our wonderful brand ambassador, Graham Kelly, recently spent three days out running in the Atlas Mountains. You can run or hike the Tizi N’Trail, and with only 150 competitors, it’s quite exclusive compared to other multi-day events such as the Marathon des Sables. We caught up with Graham upon his return and we’re in awe…

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What Motivates Me: Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley with bike

With the lighter evenings on the way, we’ve asked each of our brand ambassadors where they get their motivation from. If you’ve struggled to get outside over winter, or even if you haven’t, we hope your motivation fire is fuelled with this mini-series blog. Today we’re with Jo Moseley, our everyday adventurer who loves to…

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Motherhood and the Outdoors

Marion Shoote motherhood

The outdoors has always been a big part of my life. Some of my earliest memories involve rampaging around on mountains and beaches, sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes rather reluctantly, mostly ending up wet and windswept but content. Those experiences helped to shape me – into someone who loves exploring, relishes a physical challenge, finds peace in…

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What Motivates Me: Julia Hobson

With the lighter evenings on the way, we’ve asked each of our brand ambassadors where they get their motivation from. If you’ve struggled to get outside over winter, or even if you haven’t, we hope your motivation fire is fuelled with this mini-series blog. Next up is our brand ambassador, Julia Hobson, a mountain bike…

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What Motivates Me: Tom Hill

Tom Hill

With the lighter evenings on the way, we’ve asked each of our brand ambassadors where they get their motivation from. If you’ve struggled to get outside over winter, or even if you haven’t, we hope your motivation fire is fuelled with this mini-series blog. Today, we’re looking to our ambassador, Tom Hill, for some practical…

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What Motivates Me: Rich and Tom

With the lighter evenings on the way, we’ve asked each of our brand ambassadors where they get their motivation from. If you’ve struggled to get outside over winter, or even if you haven’t, we hope your motivation fire is fuelled with this mini-series blog. Today, we ask Rich and Tom Seipp, the father-son cycling duo.…

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International Women’s Day: Introducing Team FINDRA

Team FINDRA group

Today is International Women’s Day and I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight some amazing women that I work with every day, my team! FINDRA is a female-led team bringing together a variety of skill sets and personalities to make FINDRA the successful business it is today! We’re a small, close-knit group who continue…

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Alex’s Approach to Design

Alex Feechan FINDRA

‘Designed in Scotland with adventure in mind, FINDRA is a clothing company built on a passion for outdoor and active lifestyles and an understanding of what people want from clothing to suit that’.   One of FINDRA’s key brand values is INNOVATION. This applies to our approach to business and our design philosophy; innovation is…

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What Motivates Me: Ruth Allen

Ruth Allen what motivates me

With the lighter evenings on the way, we’ve asked each of our brand ambassadors where they get their motivation from. If you’ve struggled to get outside over winter, or even if you haven’t, we hope your motivation fire is fuelled with this mini-series blog. Today, we’ve asked our new brand ambassador, Ruth Allen, who’s an…

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What Motivates Me: Graham Kelly

Graham Kelly Outdoor Motivation

With the lighter evenings on the way, we’ve asked each of our brand ambassadors where they get their motivation from. If you’ve struggled to get outside over winter, or even if you haven’t, we hope your motivation fire is fuelled with this mini-series blog. First up, the inimitable Graham Kelly.   I’m sitting at my desk…

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For the Love of the Outdoors

Graham Kelly Outdoor motivation

You may have noticed among our brand ambassadors a mighty beard-adorned gentleman who takes incredible photographs which we sometimes include on our Instagram. Graham Kelly is an occasional mountain leader and trail running guide and we sat down with Graham to find out where his love of the outdoors comes from.   The early days…

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New Sports: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Sharon stand up paddleboarding

All the talk of New Year resolutions can detract from the joy of finding a new activity you end up loving to do. We’re chatting to FINDRA customers who’ve taken up a new sport and are thriving in it. Today, we chat to Sharon Griffin who’s taken up paddleboarding.   Hey Sharon, great to meet…

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Running blog: I don’t know how I’m still going!

Running arthurs seat view

Our Social Media and Marketing Co-ordinator, Helen, took up running in October 2018. She’s written a starting blog for us here, let’s catch up with how she’s doing!   The last time I left you with a running update, I was just about to start running home from work at the FINDRA Stockbridge shop. It…

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Recovery Essentials and Tips

Recovery with coffee

It’s one of the little ironies of life that by the time we truly appreciate our health and what our body is capable of on the trails, be that walking, running or cycling, we’re also becoming increasingly aware of its perceived limitations. Thankfully we don’t have to look far for reassurance that all is not…

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The Value of Human Kindness

What a year 2018 has been! Whether your year has felt like you’ve been constantly hiking uphill, downhill or across a desert one thing is for sure: in all circumstances being kind to others benefits the world around you. At your lowest moments, kindness can be exactly what you need to lift your spirits and…

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Customer of the month: Mandy Abbott

Mandy Abbott on top of a mountain

Our Customer of the Month feature is back again for December with Mandy Abbott.   Meet Mandy, mum to two active teenagers. She juggles several jobs, reflexology, being an outdoor educator at primary school, and a gardener whilst studying herbology at the Edinburgh botanical gardens. She’s blessed to live by the sea and have two dogs…

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Customer Adventure: Climbing the Via Ferrata, Italy

Vickie Morrison in the Italian Mountains

We love to hear about the adventures our customers embark upon. So when Vickie Morrison sent us a photo of the Italian Mountains, we just had to know more! Hey Vickie! Your adventure in the Dolomites looks exciting. Tell us more about the day you took this photo. This was my husband and mine’s third…

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Shopping Local on Small Business Saturday

Innerleithen high street with small businesses

The beginning of December is a strange limbo time, much like the week between Boxing Day and New Years Eve. The Black Friday sales are over, and most people are waiting for Christmas… and the sales which come in the new year. Our founder, Alex, recently wrote a piece on why we don’t take part…

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Customer of the month – Penny Zannikos

Mountaineering during sundown

We love celebrating our customers, you’re all part of Team FINDRA. Our November customer of the month is Penny Zannikos. Hey Penny, thank you so much for chatting to us. We love what you do, but what sports or activities do you enjoy the most? It is impossible for me to choose just one here! …

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My Journey Into Adventure

A selfie of Anna and Larry the Camel

It’s almost inevitable that when having a conversation about the adventures that I’ve been on or am planning, the person I’m talking to will ask “how did you end up doing this?” It’s a very reasonable question to ask, and one I find myself asking other people regularly as well. I like to hear people’s…

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Everyday Adventure: The Art of Plogging

Plogging Jo

This year at Kendal Film Festival, FINDRA are hosting the Everyday Adventure Session. Before we head to Kendal, we chatted to Jo Moseley (@healthyhappy50) who’ll be taking part in the panel and is starting with FINDRA as a new brand ambassador.   Jo, it’s so great to have you on board as a new ambassador for…

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Running the OMM, 2018

Tussocks. I hate tussocks. Lumps of grass the size of a football, or a baby’s head, strewn across the otherwise featureless fellside. You can try and hop from the top of one to the next, but they are unstable and give under each footfall, sending you off in odd directions. Try and step around them,…

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Running blog: The hardest part is starting.

A lot of people I speak to find it difficult to fit regular exercise into their routine and with rising costs in public and private modes of transport, active commuting is an avenue worth exploring if you’re able to. Even if it’s getting off the train a stop or two earlier and walking or running…

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Active recovery: cycling through depression. 

Helen Langridge has been a frequent customer of FINDRA Clothing. We loved following her journey around the world, covering 30,000km in 17 months and when she got back, we asked her to describe one of the toughest moments. Both her and her husband were recovering from depression themselves and we find their story incredibly inspirational. …

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The 7 Wonders of Merino

When you think about merino clothing most people think about warm cosy knits that you bring out in the depths of winter to keep you warm on those long cold dark days, and whilst that is true its also a little bit misleading as merino is a far more adaptable and all year round fibre.…

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Why Independent Retailer month is worth celebrating

independent retailer

Every July Independent retail month comes around and, we really think that it’s worth discussing, celebrating and getting thoroughly behind not just because we, FINDRA, are most definitely an independent retailer but because we love the feeling that independent retailers bring to a high street, the buzz they bring to a town and the totally…

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5 reasons merino is perfect for the summer

When you think of sunshine and warm days, you might not instantly think to reach for your merino tops but, merino is perfect for the summertime, however hot it gets out there. Not just a winter staple, summer weight weaves of this wonder fabric will add versatility and style to your summer wardrobe. Here are 5…

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Customer of the Month – Brenda Mitchell

COTM Brenda Mitchell and daughter Eireann

It’s time for June’s customer of the month, this month we meet Brenda Mitchell. Cyclist, mother and Lawyer at Cycle Law Scotland, she makes the most of the stunning Tweed Valley and living with two gorgeous black labs.   What are your favourite ways to get outside? Walking our two black labs in the forests…

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UK Summer Adventure Staycations

Cairngorm lodges

The summer holidays are upon us and it’s time to get away and enjoy some time with your loved ones. If you don’t fancy battling the holiday hoards at the airport, risking your delicate British skin in the foreign sunshine and trying to work out how much things cost with the ever-changing exchange rate, maybe…

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Why I love to ride – Cat Worsey

Cycling group at Cademuir forest

To celebrate National Bike Week 2018 we asked the cyclists of Team FINDRA what it was that they loved the most about riding their bike and where that passion came from. Today we asked Cat, our marketing manager, why she gets out on her bike.   I haven’t been riding as much as I was this time…

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Why I love to ride – Dee Hollingsbee

To celebrate National Bike Week 2018 we asked the cyclists of Team FINDRA what it was that they loved the most about riding their bike and where that passion came from. Today, we asked our cycling mum ambassador Dee why it is she likes to ride her bike…. Its been a busy week since Cat asked…

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FINDRA’s Top 5 UK Mountain Bike Trails

Hitting the trails in FINDRA

Here at FINDRA, we love to ride our bikes. Whether the trails are wild or man-made there are so many tracks crisscrossing the UK all of them bringing their own unique pleasures. We all love our local trails best, they’re ours and we know their corners and climbs and where we need to brake before that tricky…

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Why I love to ride – Alex Feechan

Alex Feechan

To celebrate National Bike Week 2018 we asked the cyclists of Team FINDRA what it was that they loved the most about riding their bike and where that passion came from. First up, we chat to our Founder and CEO, Alex Feechan.   I can still remember to this day where and when I learned…

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The Environmental Impact of the Fashion industry

World Environment Day 2018 is here and there’s a buzz in the air this year, it’s been a busy year and a year that more and more of us are becoming aware of our environmental impact. Our Government are starting to talk more seriously about single-use plastics which can only be a good thing and…

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Wasting no time! Taking the new FINDRA menswear for a ride.

To celebrate the introduction of menswear to the FINDRA range, we invited Tom Hill, writer, photographer and adventurer, to join our team of ambassadors. Wasting no time, Tom took his FINDRA clothing out for a 200 km bike packing weekend ride in the lake district to raise money for cancer charities. Here’s how it went……

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Eating intuitively for activity, great health and the planet

At FINDRA we know that being active and loving being outdoors in nature is a lifestyle choice. We know that feeling great in the outdoors (or anywhere for that matter) isn’t just about what you’re wearing, it’s a whole package including what you eat.   We asked our friends at fitnaturally what advice they can…

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Customer of the Month: Aileen Brand

Customer Aileen Brand

This month we meet Edinburgh lass, Aileen Brand, a cyclist and lover of the outdoors. A fan of FINDRA since our very beginnings, Aileen has taken her FINDRA all over Scotland for both work and play.   First and foremost I love almost anything that gets me outdoors, most people will associate me mainly with…

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5 Reasons we’re excited to welcome the springtime

5 Reasons Were Excited Spring

Spring has arrived and the whole country is happy to welcome it into our lives. Whether you’ve been roasting in the heat waves of the south of the UK or you’re just jubilant to see the daffodils poking their heads up from the ground, so recently covered in snow, we’re here to celebrate spring and…

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FINDRA: Designed with purpose

Picture by Gareth Easton 07752666522 - FINDRA Hat Manufacture Johnstons of Elgin, Hawick

With 3 and a half years of trading under our belt, team FINDRA are preparing to launch our new range of products in April. Alex explains to us the long and length nature of bringing a new product to the market.   Why has it taken so long, you might well ask? Well lots of reason,…

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What’s in your bag for your next Mini Adventure?

Spring is here and time to get out and make the most of the beautiful days and longer evenings. Flowers are blooming and we’re all so happy to have the opportunity to get outside and get active again that we’re already planning where to go and what to take with us. We asked FINDRA ambassador,…

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What to have in your first aid kit

What To Have In Your First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is so often neglected, we all think that it won’t ever happen to us and we risk heading out without one. Most of the time we’re right, it won’t happen to us but we might come across someone else who needs help along the way. What you need in your kit…

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Team FINDRA goes Microadventuring

Microadventures are all about getting outside and fitting the maximum adventure into whatever time you have, squeezing every little bit of fun you can in around your day to day life. To help you get inspired, we asked some of the FINDRA ambassadors what they’d managed to squeeze into their free time.   A 5-To-9 Adventure…

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Mini -Enviro- Adventure to the Isle of Rum

This month at FINDRA we’re celebrating the mini-adventure, grabbing life by the horns and making the most of every moment that we have. Marion Shoote turned a weekend away on the Isle of Rum into both a mini adventure and an environmental win.   The problem of plastic waste is one that has been on…

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How to Find your Mini Adventure

At FINDRA, March is ‘mini adventure’ month, reminding us all that getting out and embracing the weekend, or an evening, cramming in as much exploration as you can in the time you have, is a great way to maximise your time and your happiness. We asked Jenny Tough, FINDRA ambassador as well as micro and mega adventurer, why…

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4 Fantastic Adventure Reads for World Book Day

March 1st is International Book Day. A day for kids to dress up as their favourite book character and celebrate the wondrous world of literature. But, after they’ve gone to bed, you can take some time to celebrate the written word yourself, see where it can take you and enjoy the excitement it can bring.…

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Motivate your Children to get Outside and Adventure

Getting your children outside and enjoying nature is a special experience, but it can be so difficult to motivate them and yourself to get in the park or the wilds to get some fresh air. We asked Bush-craft expert, survivalist and Scout Ambassador, Megan Hine, for some advice on how to make the most of the…

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People, Vision, Detail and How to keep Motivated in Business

People, Vision, Detail

Since launching FINDRA over 3 years ago, Alex has often reflected on what motivates her. Launching a start-up business is such a roller coaster and being motivated is key to keeping going and getting through the tough times. When faced with big challenges she’s had to dig deep and remind herself of why she chose…

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5 Secrets to Workout Success

Staying motivated can be really difficult and it’s natural that dedication to exercise plans and schedules can slip a little as time passes. Here are 5 simple ways to keep you motivated, get you out the door and keep loving the feeling of exercise.   1/. SET YOURSELF ACHIEVABLE GOALS   Who’s idea was this?…

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What Motivates Me: Marion Shoote

Ahead of her talk at FINDRA, Innerleithen on Wednesday 28th February, we asked bike-packing adventurer Marion Shoote what it is that inspires her to get outside and make the most of the day, even when she’d really rather stay inside.   When the sun’s shining it’s easy to pull on my trainers or pull out my bike…

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FINDRA’s Favourite Recipes: Banana and Oat Pancakes

Are you feeling like a bit of a change from the normal crepe style pancakes with sugar and lemon? Do you fancy something healthy and lovely that can take all the fruit toppings and maple syrup that you can throw at it? With these delicious Banana and Oat pancakes, you’ll feel like you’re getting some…

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It’s not always easy to just pack up your bags and head for the door, we read about inspiring adventures all the time and it’s easy to think that those adventures are beyond us. But what if we can push our horizons a little further afield? Set our sights a little further? The world is…

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Juicing For Energy

As we get older, our energy levels begin to diminish and we often find ourselves looking for external stimulants to give us the energy we crave.  In the short term, energy drinks, caffeine and sugar certainly give us a boost, but it’s a false economy, putting strains on the body and depleting our energy levels in…

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Exercise is important and so is stretching, it keeps us mobile and feeling energized for the next time we get out. We asked our ambassador Polly Clark of Mountain Yoga Breaks for some yoga stretching advice. Getting outdoors and having adventures, either alone or with friends and family is a great way to boost energy levels, and…

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Merino wool, wool from the sheep of the specialised merino sheep, is the best fabric for a base layer hands-down. Don’t just take our word for it though, here are some excellent reasons why merino base layers are the best. MERINO WON’T ITCH Wool can be an itchy fibre, especially when it’s directly against the skin. Merino…

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Redefining Health and How to Thrive

With the new year well and truly started, most of us are feeling a desire to feel healthier, fitter and just be better. Before her talk, Health and how to Thrive, at FINDRA on 24th January, we asked Katria Mather, founder of The Body Toolkit, to tell us what changes we can make to make…

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How and Why to Layer

So why would be layer our clothes? Why not just put on the warmest comfiest jumper we can possibly find and head out for the hills. Although it’s tempting it’s a clothing tactic often regretted. When your body heat increases you’re left with the decision of cooking slowly inside your uber-fleece or walking around semi-naked…

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No Christmas Opening hours? Are we crazy?

And just like that 2017 is almost behind us, a year for me that has been full to the brim with new challenges and undertakings both personally and professionally. It has often been said that ‘Entrepreneurs ‘ don’t take time to stop reflect and take stock of the journey they have been on or the…

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“Be Good to Yourself” Resolutions

New year traditions mean that we all feel a bit of pressure to make some changes in the New Year, start the year how we mean to carry on and all that good stuff. I often think that it’s not so much about resolutions as just getting halfway through December and realising that you have…

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Give yourself a break this new year

It’s so predictable, year after year the run-up to Christmas is frantic. Most of us crash full steam into the festive period having spent the days and weeks in the build-up rushing around, decorating our homes, buying gifts and vast amounts of food and alcohol!   Generally speaking, we then spend the next week to…

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So what’s your favorite Christmas Tradition? Maybe you don’t have one or maybe you have more than one! Christmas can mean different things to different people, and when we look back over the ages the history of the Christmas is wide and varied, have a look at this link on the history of the season, some interesting stuff…

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Why merino is the perfect gift this Christmas

It can be hard to find the right gift for women, and men for that matter. We don’t want to give them something that will be confined to the back of the cupboard forever, we don’t want something that will not fit with their style or add clutter to their home. We most definitely don’t…

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Top 5 tips for riding in the Winter!

Whether you’re a mountain biker, a road cyclist or a cycle path cruiser, we all find it hard to get the motivation to get out in the winter when it’s cold and wet and the days are short. We asked FINDRA ambassador and Mountain Bike guide Julia Hobson for her tips on how to keep riding all through the…

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Swap Winter Blues for Winter Muse

Dark nights are upon us, dark mornings too! It’s easy to feel the motivation slipping away. We talked to Lucy Colquhoun, one of the country’s top ultra-distance runners and women’s record holder on the 95-mile West Highland Way race. Lucy is also the founder of Gutzi foods, savoury energy snacks for athletes.     You know…

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Christmas – is it too early?

We all know that Christmas is starting earlier and earlier – who didn’t exclaim with surprise when they saw the first chocolate Santa on the shelf? Who didn’t roll their eyes when the first mince pie was spotted (and possibly photographed for Instagram) but, well, someone must be buying mince pies in Mid-October so maybe…

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Customer of the Month: Vic Alker

Customer Vic Alker

This month we meet Vic Alker, a mountain biker, a planner of adventures and a competitor who’s in it for the good times – well shouldn’t we all be. It can be hard fitting mountain biking into a busy life, and I have to say I don’t always succeed. I have two active dogs whose…

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How small environmental changes can make a big difference

We’re all starting to become more aware of our environmental impact, with recycling schemes promoted and constant reminders on tv (who’s seen the tear-jerking pieces at the end of David Attenborough documentaries?). We’re all responsible for what we leave our children. Marine Litter in Scotland. Surfers against Sewage campaign to clean our beaches Here are…

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5 Ways to Turn a “Failure” into an Amazing Adventure

Anna Blackwell, a lady not afraid of a challenge, faced a different kind of challenge on a recent trip to Arctic Norway. Something as mundane as luggage not appearing after a flight can throw a spanner in the works and plans need to be altered on the go. We asked Anna how she dealt with adversity and…

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Customer of the Month: Sarah Shaw

Customer Sarah Shaw

We’re continuing our regular ‘Customer of the Month’ slot with Sarah, she takes time out from her very busy schedule to tell us a bit about her life and how a love or cycling has changed her outlook. Over to you Sarah I’m Sarah, Compliance Director by day, Owner of Garage Bikes by night and…

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Merino – Natures Wonder Fibre

Humans are the masters of invention, designing and innovating to find new solutions to old problems. But have you noticed that, in the end, we always revert back to natures solutions? No man-made foods compete with what nature can provide and more and more new drugs are being derived from nature. So, why would we…

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What’s this Empowerment all about then?

Here at FINDRA, we feel pretty empowered, but there have been lady lumps along the way. We asked our friend Heather Graham of the ‘How Dare She?‘ project what empowerment really means, and what it’s going to achieve. Are the words ‘female’ and ‘power’, contradictory?  Firstly, ‘power’ is considered by many women to be a masculine description…

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“She needed a hero…” A 26 mile journey of empowerment

FINDRA is about women being empowered to take on the challenge, to go forth and conquer the world whatever stands in your way. We meet Fiona MacDonald, cancer survivor and newly motivated walker, on her journey from diagnosis to finishing the MacMillan Cancer Mighty Hike. Check out the ‘Empowerment’ pants on the outside – superhero style!   My journey…

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The Great Family Summer Cycling Dilemma

As the summer holidays draw to a close, our FINDRA Ambassador Kim Rand takes a moment to reflect on the last 6 weeks. When the kids are off school it makes a difference to everyone, whether it’s juggling child care, negotiating leisure time with your partner or just seeing the price of flights quadruple, we all have…

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Top 5 European Adventure Destinations: Julia Hobson

These days, Mountain Biking has become my main sport, and indeed my job, but it hasn’t always been so. I’ve been rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, ski-touring, wild swimming and running in the mountains for as long as I have been riding. Basically, anything that allows me to have my own little adventures in beautiful mountainous places.…

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Customer of the Month: Phoebe Montgomery

Customer Phoebe Montgomery

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I am 29 years old, I live with my rescue Staffie, Olly. I found Olly, along with 14 other puppies in a bin where someone had dumped them. I chose to keep Olly because he wasn’t breathing when I found him, our bond was growing stronger every day and…

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5 things that make summer awesome: Anna McGorum

Who doesn’t love the Summer Holidays? Over a month of action packed days, ‘stay up as late as you want’ evenings, shorts and t-shirt weather (if the Scottish weather is in a good mood) and, of course, no school! It’s everything anyone ever wanted, all in one holiday! But, there are some things that make…

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Top 6 Best UK Multi day Hiking Trails

Ever feel like you need some escapism from modern life? A trip to the cinema is a temporary fix, and the local pub isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Don’t despair – sometimes the best escapes are right on your doorstep, and don’t cost the earth.    A long-distance walk is good for the body…

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Long distance adventures = Life in miniature

To celebrate the start of the TransContinental Race, taking riders all the way from Belgium to Greece in a self-supported race through some of the most beautiful and challenging riding on earth, we have asked our long distance specialist friends to tell us what lessons they have learnt from racing and riding.   Long distance…

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7 Top Tips on Planning an Adventure

Adventures come in every shape and size, your adventure might be finding a new walking trail, running 10km off road or packing your bike for a weekend of wild camping. Whether it is a micro, mini or mighty adventure, you’ll be pleased you did a little planning in advance. FINDRA ambassador, world adventurer and Edinburgh…

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How to plan an adventure: 7 Top Tips from Top Adventurer Jenny Tough

Adventures come in every shape and size, your adventure might be finding a new walking trail, running 10km off road or packing your bike for a weekend of wild camping. Whether it is a micro, mini or mighty adventure, you’ll be pleased you did a little planning in advance. FINDRA ambassador, world adventurer and Edinburgh resident, Jenny Tough sits…

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In the Spirit of Enjoyro: Dee Hollingsbee

I’m not good at Cycling events. I’m better on the ‘wrong’ side of registration, usually in a Tweedlove volunteers shirt and playing to my strength. Talking.   I did the Glentress 7 a couple of years ago, with 2 BFF’s, just to say we had done it. We even had a case of Prosecco to…

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