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Inspiration: Craig Boggon

Inspiration Craig Boggan Cargo Bike Whitelee

Last year, physiotherapist and triathlete Craig Boggon rode a cargo bike over 500 miles from London to COP26 in Glasgow to showcase what bicycles can do and to encourage everyone he met to make small changes to their daily activities that are mindful of the environement. Here we talk to Craig about the power of…

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Inspiration: Anna Deacon

Inspiration Ice Swim

Anna Deacon is an Edinburgh based photographer and co-author of three books on wild swimming. “I absolutely love a dip in freezing cold water, the rush of endorphins boosts me all day, the total immersion in nature inspires and enthrals me, the childlike joy and fun of it all, the peace that comes afterwards…if I…

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Inspiration: Highlights From 2021

2021 Highlights

We’ve so enjoyed reading about your adventures in the FINDRA journal during 2021. ‘What is it about your favourite activity that you love?’ always prompts an amazing response so, as inspiration for the new year, we’ve put together some of our favourite replies. From wilderness art to walking, Canicross to channel swimming, there’s a wonderful…

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Inspiration: Karen Maidment

Inspiration - Karen Jump

Karen is a yoga and paddleboard teacher and mountain biker who lives in the stunning Forest of Dean with her soul mate Katy and their rescue dogs, Luna and Suki. “Find something you love and do it with others who love it too” is her advice to those who are seeking motivation to get outdoors.…

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Inspiration: Moira and Steve

Steve Moira at the Beach

“Neither of us can imagine a day where we aren’t strapping on our boots or throwing on our waterproofs and getting out with the dogs!” Moira and Steve Forsyth, from Dumfries and Galloway, live in an old lodge shared with three rescue dogs and two rescue pigs. Here they share why walking in the outdoors…

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Inspiration: Hilary Shaw

“I love the freedom, the adventure, the camaraderie and the ground you can cover.” This week we’re chatting to e-mtbiker Hilary Shaw. Hils is a VIP in the Surrey Hills mountain biking community as she makes the legendary cheese straws that sell out each weekend in the village shop. And when she’s not serving cyclists…

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Inspiration: Lara Trewin

“Our dogs are such natural adventurers – harness their enthusiasm for exploring and join them.”  Cornish trail runner Lara Trewin is a Canicross expert who loves running with her dog Tilly. Canicross originated as training for the dog sledding community and builds fitness, communication and trust with your four legged companion. Here Lara explains why…

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Inspiration: Glyn Dodwell

Inspiration Blog Glyn Dodwell 3

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the world and taken every opportunity to go exploring, walking, and climbing.”  As a Boy Scout and then as a Military Officer and Aviator,  Glyn Dodwell has 55 years of adventures under his belt. Based in the South Downs, he’s now an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion,…

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Inspiration: Jack Newman

Jack Newman

“Be spontaneous. Try new things and don’t be afraid to be out of your comfort zone.” Born in Glasgow, Jack Newman is a graphic designer, runner and world traveller. She discovered FINDRA when she realised it was founded by Alex, her cousin! In her blog, she explains the events that led to Sean Connery influencing…

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Inspiration: Kate O’Callaghan

Inspiration Blog Kate Ocallaghan

‘The outdoors will give you more than you can ever understand without feeling it first-hand.’ Mountain biker, hiker, surfer and Wonderful Wild Women ambassador Kate O’Callaghan lives and works in The Lake District, and shares with us the ways that the outdoor inspires her adventures – from the every day to the epic!    …

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Inspiration: Top 10 Cycling Quotes

Weekly Inspiration Nicola Carass 5

Our top 10 favourite cycling quotes. “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F Kennedy We’ve compiled our favourite quotes about the joys that cycling brings, inspired by Nicola Carass, her friends from the New Forest Off Road Club, and these wonderful pictures from a birthday-weekend ride on the Isle of…

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Inspiration: Dom Ferris

Inspiration Blog Images Dom Ferris

Dom Ferris is a mountain biker, surfer, and founder and MD of Trash Free Trails. This community-focussed, non-profit organisation aims to protect our trails and the wild places they take us, reduce plastic pollution, and reconnect people with nature through purposeful adventure. Dom currently resides on Anglesey with his spaniel, Lion.     Hey Dom…

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Inspiration: Vicky and CeCe Balfour

FINDRA Inspiration - Vicky And Cece

“Things can be harder with disabilities but I will never let anyone pity us. This is the life we have been given, it’s incredible and we love it.” Vicky and CeCe Balfour are mother and daughter, and keen cyclists. 15 year old CeCe has a mix of physical and cognitive disabilities alongside autism. Here they…

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Inspiration: Jo Luckman

FINDRA Inspiration – Jo Luckman

“I found myself taking blood from Tom Daley”. Jo Luckman is a champion of getting out there, trying new experiences, and making them work. A nurse who has worked for UK Anti-Doping, she’s also a pilates teacher, wild swimmer, artist and musician, and owns her own holiday retreat business. Here she paused for a second…

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Inspiration: David Flanagan

FINDRA Inspiration – David Flanagan

“It’s all about joy, and the detail within the big picture – the play of sunlight on the water, the wildlife going about its business, the smell of salty air.” Author David Flanagan lives in Kirkwall on the Orkney Islands and loves adventure sports including skateboarding and surfing, which he took up aged 40 and…

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Inspiration: Linda Devisch

FINDRA Inspiration – Linda Devisch

Linda Devisch and her partner Dirk are cycle tourers from Belgium who love ‘moderate adventure’ – in other words, they don’t mind effort but they also don’t mind some luxury from time to time! Linda shares the couple’s travels on social media but their trips are never planned in detail: “We know what direction we…

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Inspiration: Ros South

FINDRA Inspiration Ros South

Meet Rosalind South, Channel swimmer, cancer survivor and campaigner who, initially, could barely swim across a swimming pool and was afraid of the sea. Find out why she chose to take part in a Channel swim, how she trained and overcame her fear, and how the power of cold water swimming has transformed her physical…

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Inspiration: Vedangi Kulkarni

FINDRA Inspiration – Vedangi Kulkarni

Fasten your seatbelts for an action packed read! In 2018 and aged 20, Vedangi Kulkarni became the youngest woman to have circumnavigated the globe by bicycle. She grew up travelling far and wide and, at 17, cycled through the Indian Himalayas. Now based in Dorset and with many more adventures to her name, Vedangi shares…

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Inspiration: Polly Clark

FINDRA Inspiration – Polly Clark

Polly Clark is a mountain bike guide and yoga teacher in the Cambrian Mountains. As a child she rode ponies and kayaked in the Brecon Beacons. “It was a time of pure freedom and joy and that is still what I get from being out there in nature.” Here’s how Polly now combines this passion…

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Inspiration: Owain Williams

FINDRA Inspiration Owain Williams

“I just love how accessible running is. All you really need is a pair of running shoes and you’re good to go.” Owain Williams was born on the beautiful Isle of Tiree and, not surprisingly, grew up with a love for the outdoors. Here he explains how the simple act of running brings so much…

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Inspiration: Nicola Carass

FINDRA Inspiration – Nic Carass

Nicola is a member of the New Forest Off Road Club, which offers women-led group rides that are all about building community on two wheels – and having a great time doing it. The club believes that confident, empowered women improve all spaces they occupy and Nicola shares here what she’s gained by riding with…

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Inspiration: Sam Gare

FINDRA Inspiration - Artist Sam Gare

Contemporary Wilderness Artist Sam Gare depicts the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, explored overland and by foot, in her work. “Being outside allows me to push the pause button on the craziness of modern life,” she says. Here she explains why she quit her job to become an artist, and the sense of awe and…

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Inspiration: The Outdoor Dad

FINDRA Inspiration – Fathers Day

For Father’s Day, we asked some of our ambassadors to share the ways in which their dads had nurtured their passion for the great outdoors. The deeply personal and moving responses are full of memories, reflection, big landscapes and love, expressed in prose and poetry. You can read them in this special journal post. Pour…

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Inspiration: Ross Brannigan

FINDRA Inspiration – Ross Brannigan

Ross Brannigan recently set off from his home in Kendal to cycle to each of the sites cared for by the John Muir Trust: a ride of 1,000km to Glenridding, Glenlude, Schiehallion, Ben Nevis, Knoydart, Skye, Quinag and Sandwood Bay. The aim was to raise awareness of the value of wild places and showcase the…

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Father’s Day: Top Ten Gifts for Outdoor Dads

FINDRA Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve compiled the ultimate outdoor gift list to make Father’s day gift shopping a breeze – and it’s not all FINDRA! From super merino socks to a Shand Stooshie, from a camping mug to a bottle of Scottish gin to enjoy in it, here’s everything a discerning dad could ever want!   FALCON Enamelware Originally…

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Inspiration: Jenny Graham

FINDRA Inspiration – Jenny Graham

Jenny Graham holds the world record for cycling around the world unsupported – that’s 18,000 miles in just 124 days. She lives in the Highlands, and describes herself (on Instagram!) as an endurance lovin’, earth huggin’, fist pumpin’ dirtbag.   This week we are very excited to catch up with world record breaking round-the-world endurance…

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Inspiration: Aoife Glass

Friend of FINDRA Aoife Glass

Aoife Glass is a popular mountain bike journalist and host of Spindrift, a podcast that shares the stories of active people, their lives and their adventures. She lives in the Forest of Dean and takes full advantage of the wonderful trails there!   It’s the eve of Bike Week – the annual celebration of everything…

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Inspiration: Jo Harbisher

FINDRA Inspiration – Jo Harbisher

Jo Harbisher has won awards for her work on the environment and industry, as well as being active outdoors since university days. She lives in Edinburgh with her three children and is cyclist, mountain biker, scuba diver, surfer and volunteer with The Wave Project.   At FINDRA, wherever possible, we design and create sustainable outdoor…

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Inspiration: Mental Health, Men & Connecting with Nature

Mental Health Awareness Week & Men

Straight from the front line of ‘active’, three male Friends of FINDRA share what being outdoors means to their mental health, and how they motivate themselves to get outdoor and connect with nature.   Spending time in nature is good for us for lots of reasons. “Fresh air and exercise” has long been recommended as…

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Inspiration: Sam & Marjie Dugon

FINDRA Inspiration – Marjie Dugon

This year the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is nature. Many of you reading this are already active, love the outdoors and appreciate the benefits it brings. Even small contacts with nature can help – 45% of people reported being in green spaces was vital for their mental health during the pandemic. At our…

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Inspiration: Motivation after Lockdown 

FINDRA Inspiration - Motivation after Lockdown

From fitness that’s taken an inevitable dip to negotiating red tape in ‘the new normal’, recovering from ill health, or too much sitting on the sofa watching Netflix, it’s no surprise that some of us are finding it hard to motivate ourselves to get outdoors again.   We caught up with some of our ambassadors,…

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Inspiration: Emily Williams

FINDRA Inspiration – Emily Williams

Emily is a knitwear designer, cyclist and all round lover of the outdoors – and also our newest FINDRA Brand Ambassador.  Based in Inverness, Emily talks frankly about her size in connection with outdoor activities and sport. Welcome on board Emily!   Hi Emily, and welcome to the FINDRA family! Let’s start by you taking…

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Inspiration: My first mountain adventure

My first adventure by Adele Mitchell

How a shaky start on an unsuitable bicycle led to my love of the mountains – by Adele Mitchell, Social Media Coordinator at FINDRA.   My first week at FINDRA as social media coordinator has reminded me of other ‘firsts’ – specifically my first adventure in the great outdoors.   These days I regularly mountain…

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Inspiration: Adele Mitchell

Friend of FINDRA Adele Mitchelle

Adele Mitchell is our newest member of team FINDRA and joins us to coordinate our social media posts and keep in touch with our friends and followers. Adele lives in the heart of the Surrey Hills and is an avid mountain biker and fan of FINDRA.   Hi Adele, and welcome to the FINDRA family!…

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Inspiration: Roddy Stoddart

FINDRA Inspiration – Roddy Stoddart

This week we meet with Roddy Stoddart, AKA Mr FINDRA and partner to Alex. having lived in the Tweed valley for nearly 50 years Roddy talks about his love for mountain biking and the local hills.   Hi Roddy, great to finally have you on the FINDRA Journal and perhaps we can start by you…

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What to wear cycling – a guide to layering

‘What are the best clothes for cycle touring / bikepacking / commuting?’ There’s no conclusive answer to this as it all comes down to personal preference, but it is a question we get asked fairly often. So Russ hit the keyboard to write a post about what works for him and created a useful guide…

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Update from Alex – Surviving in Covid times

Dear Friends of FINDRA How are you all? I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well?   I can’t quite believe it’s the start of March, I had great plans to write a blog at the start of January to say hello and give you all a bit of an update on…

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Inspiration: Gillian Anderson

Friend of FINDRA Gillian Anderson

Friend of FINDRA Gillian Anderson lives in the Tweed Valley with her wife Terri and has been a positive contributor and member of FINDRA Outdoor Adventures. Gillian talks about how the outdoors and adventure brought her and Terri together and recalls a memorable ride in Chile across the Atacama Desert to the Pacific Ocean.  …

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Inspiration: Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley – Brave Enough Film

At the beginning of February, we were invited to a special screening of a new adventure film, Brave Enough – A Journey Home to Joy. The film features our very own Brand Ambassador Jo Moseley and her 11-day coast-to-coast paddleboard journey on the UK’s network of canals.   Jo was the first woman, aged 54, to stand…

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Inspiration: Naomi Freireich

Friend of FINDRA Naomi Freireich

Edinburgh based Naomi Freireich, a Digital Health IT manager and endurance cyclist, takes time to discuss balancing family commitments with a life outdoors and the benefits of cycling for physical and mental wellbeing.     Hi Naomi, and to start, can you introduce yourself and tell us where you live and what you do? Hey,…

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Inspiration: Emma Estrela Corrie

Friend of FINDRA Emma Estrela Corrie

Open water swimmers are a hardy bunch, especially those who manage to swim all year round and this week we revisit a previous post by Emma Estrela Corrie, a Wim Hof Method instructor based in the Lake District. Emma shares her love of the outdoors and connecting with nature through exposure to the cold. Brrrr……

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Friend of FINDRA: Nick Pritchard

We love celebrating our customers, you’re all part of Team FINDRA and most importantly, Friends of FINDRA. We’re delighted to introduce you to outdoor enthusiast, Nick Pritchard!   Hey Nick, great to chat with you! Tell us where you’re based and what you do. I am based in West Yorkshire, between Leeds and York where…

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Friend of FINDRA: Scot Tares

We love celebrating our customers, you’re all part of Team FINDRA and most importantly, Friends of FINDRA. We’re delighted to introduce you to Scottish bike guide, Scot Tares!     Hey Scot! Tell everybody where are you based and what you do! I live in a little farming village just south of Dunkeld. I was…

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Friend of FINDRA: Jen Isherwood

We love celebrating our customers, you’re all part of Team FINDRA and most importantly, Friends of FINDRA. Kicking off 2020 for us is Peebles local, Jen Isherwood!     Hey Jen! Tell everybody where are you based and what you do! I am based in Peebles in the Scottish Borders. I have two jobs; I…

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Friend of FINDRA: Laurie Chipps

Laurie Chipps

We love celebrating our customers, you’re all part of Team FINDRA and most importantly, Friends of FINDRA. Let us introduce you to a friend of ours Stateside, Laurie Chipps!   Where are you based and what do you do? I am based in the mountains of Missoula, Montana, USA where I work with the Adventure…

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Friend of FINDRA: Neil Manson

Since releasing our ‘Designed by Demand’ menswear range in 2018, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing men benefiting from FINDRA designs and innovations. So we’re very proud to bring you this month’s Friend of FINDRA as Neil Manson: wild swimmer, runner and cyclist fundraiser!     Hi Neil! Tell us a bit more about the ways you…

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Customer of the Month: Chris Yeomans

Since releasing our ‘Designed by Demand’ menswear range in 2018, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing men benefiting from FINDRA designs and innovations. So for October’s Customer of the Month, we caught up with FINDRA customer, Chris Yeomans who waited very patiently for a Leithen after his wife found us first!     My wife, Dawn, and…

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Customer of the Month: Jane Cowan

We love celebrating our customers, you’re all part of Team FINDRA. Our Customer of the Month feature is back this September, and this month we’d like to introduce you to stone carver and outdoors enthusiast, Jane Cowan!   Hey Jane, great to meet you! Tell us, what are your favourite ways to get outside? Every way…

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Customer of the Month: Kirsty Loudon

We love celebrating our customers, you’re all part of Team FINDRA. Our Customer of the Month feature is back this August, and this month we’d like to introduce you to Scottish Borders local Kirsty Loudon!   Hey Kirsty! Tell us about your favourite ways to get outside. I am an outside gal so any way.…

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Customer of the Month: Ross Brannigan

Ross Brannigan

Since releasing our ‘Designed by Demand’ menswear range in 2018, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing men benefiting from FINDRA designs and innovations. So for May’s Customer of the Month, we caught up with FINDRA customer, Ross Brannigan! The outdoors has been such a significant part of my life for so long. Since I was just three or…

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Customer of the Month: Alistair Bielby

Since releasing our ‘Designed by Demand’ menswear range in 2018, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing men benefiting from FINDRA designs and innovations. So for March’s Customer of the Month, we caught up with FINDRA customer, Alistair Bielby. Hey Alistair! Tell us a little bit about your favourites ways to get outside. I don’t really need much of…

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Customer of the month: Mandy Abbott

Mandy Abbott on top of a mountain

Our Customer of the Month feature is back again for December with Mandy Abbott.   Meet Mandy, mum to two active teenagers. She juggles several jobs, reflexology, being an outdoor educator at primary school, and a gardener whilst studying herbology at the Edinburgh botanical gardens. She’s blessed to live by the sea and have two dogs…

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Customer Adventure: Climbing the Via Ferrata, Italy

Vickie Morrison in the Italian Mountains

We love to hear about the adventures our customers embark upon. So when Vickie Morrison sent us a photo of the Italian Mountains, we just had to know more! Hey Vickie! Your adventure in the Dolomites looks exciting. Tell us more about the day you took this photo. This was my husband and mine’s third…

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Customer of the month – Penny Zannikos

Mountaineering during sundown

We love celebrating our customers, you’re all part of Team FINDRA. Our November customer of the month is Penny Zannikos. Hey Penny, thank you so much for chatting to us. We love what you do, but what sports or activities do you enjoy the most? It is impossible for me to choose just one here! …

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Customer of the Month – Brenda Mitchell

COTM Brenda Mitchell and daughter Eireann

It’s time for June’s customer of the month, this month we meet Brenda Mitchell. Cyclist, mother and Lawyer at Cycle Law Scotland, she makes the most of the stunning Tweed Valley and living with two gorgeous black labs.   What are your favourite ways to get outside? Walking our two black labs in the forests…

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Customer of the Month: Aileen Brand

Customer Aileen Brand

This month we meet Edinburgh lass, Aileen Brand, a cyclist and lover of the outdoors. A fan of FINDRA since our very beginnings, Aileen has taken her FINDRA all over Scotland for both work and play.   First and foremost I love almost anything that gets me outdoors, most people will associate me mainly with…

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Customer of the Month: Vic Alker

Customer Vic Alker

This month we meet Vic Alker, a mountain biker, a planner of adventures and a competitor who’s in it for the good times – well shouldn’t we all be. It can be hard fitting mountain biking into a busy life, and I have to say I don’t always succeed. I have two active dogs whose…

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Customer of the Month: Sarah Shaw

Customer Sarah Shaw

We’re continuing our regular ‘Customer of the Month’ slot with Sarah, she takes time out from her very busy schedule to tell us a bit about her life and how a love or cycling has changed her outlook. Over to you Sarah I’m Sarah, Compliance Director by day, Owner of Garage Bikes by night and…

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“She needed a hero…” A 26 mile journey of empowerment

FINDRA is about women being empowered to take on the challenge, to go forth and conquer the world whatever stands in your way. We meet Fiona MacDonald, cancer survivor and newly motivated walker, on her journey from diagnosis to finishing the MacMillan Cancer Mighty Hike. Check out the ‘Empowerment’ pants on the outside – superhero style!   My journey…

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Customer of the Month: Phoebe Montgomery

Customer Phoebe Montgomery

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I am 29 years old, I live with my rescue Staffie, Olly. I found Olly, along with 14 other puppies in a bin where someone had dumped them. I chose to keep Olly because he wasn’t breathing when I found him, our bond was growing stronger every day and…

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Customer of the Month: Miriam Adcock

Customer Miriam Adcock

My life on 2 wheels I don’t think of myself as having been a keen cyclist from a young age, but I guess when I think back, my old racing bike was one of the first things I remember buying for myself.  I’d saved up my Saturday job money and went into town, bought my…

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Customer of the Month: Trish Dixon

Customer Trish Dixon

Trish Dixon, Our Customer of the Month for May wrote us this lovely blog about her love for biking, where it came from and where it’s going:   Going Solo I love my bike, with a passion, to the extent that any time my husband enthusiastically suggests a periodic upgrade (they are all second hand…

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Customer of the Month: Helen Clarkson

TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF, HOW YOU GOT INTO CYCLING AND ANY TIPS FOR SOMEONE STARTING OUT?” I learned to ride a bike before my older brother did and I always had bikes around when I was younger. During school and University I got more involved in theatre and the arts but after graduating…

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Customer of the Month: Jo Moseley

Customer Jo Moseley

WHO IS JO MOSELEY? WE LOVE YOUR INSTAGRAM POSTS, YOU ALWAYS LOOK HAPPY – TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF… I’m a 52 year old working Mum of two boys, 20 & 16, living in a lovely village on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. As a little girl I was always riding my bike…

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Customer of the Month: Debbie Ormston

Debbie Ormston customer

Tells us a little about how you got into biking, where your favourite trails are and any top tips for someone starting out? I’ve always ridden a bike, but I started off road a few years ago when my husband gave me my first hardtail for my birthday… and I realised I had no clue how…

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