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Stylish, Sustainable & Versatile

Recycled Packaging


By Colour Elements

FINDRA – The all encompassing fashion-led biking and activewear brand; that is designed with real women in mind.















When Alex Feechan returned to mounting biking after giving birth to her sons, she had few choices when it came to what she could wear that was both aesthetically pleasing and suitable for the practical challenges of mountain biking.  The Colour Elements team are in awe of this leader who used her disappointment to create change and developed her now hugely successful brand, FINDRA.  Not content with neons and black she has created a line of sportswear for female cyclists that defies the “pinkification” of previous alternatives and has designed a range of sportswear that has prioritised comfort, warmth and style.  Alex believes that sportswear which is specifically designed to fit well, in natural fabrics that “breathe” and in colours that complement, means that sportswomen have one less thing to worry about.

“…feeling good in what you wear means one less distraction when you’re exercising”

Initially designed for female cyclists FINDRA clothing has become a favourite within different extreme sports that require endurance such as skiing and running.  The use of merino wool within many key FINDRA items is important as this textile doesn’t pick up smells and can regulate the body temperature.  This makes FINDRA clothing perfect for all seasons and the beautifully designed pieces allow the clothing to move with customers during the day whether they’re exercising or working.  Some might even describe this process as seamless but that would be a cheap shot at Alex’s use of seamless garments to improve comfort!























As a designer Alex is drawn to classic colours but loves to add a kick of bright energy through accessories and within pattern. The durable and practical aspects of FINDRA clothing makes it perfect for the extreme sports lifestyle and their small batch manufacturing policy allows the brand to consciously promote a sustainable method of sportswear production.




























“a clear vision of where the business is going from the outset has been important.  There’s been a LOT challenging times, many 4 am awakenings, so it’s been important to return to my vision and reset the compass”

Starting FINDRA from scratch hints at the tenacity of this business leader and we caught up with Alex in the FINDRA community hubspot in Innerleithen to ask her how she keeps going through the inevitable ups and downs.

With over 20 years experience within the fashion industry Alex’s intuition is based on the tremendous amount of hard work that occurred before she took the courageous step as a single parent to launch her own business.   “It’s not been easy,” Alex admits, “putting in so many hours but keeping the vision and perseverance is vital.  Sometimes things work, and sometimes I have to recognise that other things haven’t worked.”

“Mountain-biking’s not for the faint-hearted either, it’s hard work both up and downhill.  You need to pick a tree and focus on it  and business is similar.  Ultimately there has to be vision and belief.  Learning how to trust my instinct has been vital too.  ‘Listen’ to the knots in your stomach, ask why it’s happening and trust the answer.”

Alex’s advice resonates for all of us, irrespective of our goals.  What’s your vision today, and how will you focus on it when the path gets bumpy?