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Customer of the Month: Aileen Brand

This month we meet Edinburgh lass, Aileen Brand, a cyclist and lover of the outdoors. A fan of FINDRA since our very beginnings, Aileen has taken her FINDRA all over Scotland for both work and play.


First and foremost I love almost anything that gets me outdoors, most people will associate me mainly with bikes of all kinds but anything that gets me outside in nature makes me happy. I love to bike, mainly mountain biking but any type of cycling gives you that sense of freedom and opportunity to explore.


Customer Aileen Brand

Loving the sunshine and colour coordinated with the sky, that looks like it was a good day!

The simplicity of pedalled transport and adventures features regularly in my own time as well as in my work for Sustrans Scotland. The outdoors brings me so much joy, exploring new places, enjoying the environment around me, not to mention the mental health benefits of the endorphins and cutting off from the day to day chores. I love nothing more than packing up my wee van (that I converted into a tiny camper last year) and heading off to wherever takes our fancy.

Customer Aileen Brand

Checking out the surf on a Scottish Island Adventure. Aileen is all about the giant bobble on her FINDRA Bobble hat.

We have such adventures in that little vehicle, it’s been amazing, having everything you need right there with you when you’re exploring new places is perfect. In the past year, we have visited Harris, Jura, Islay, and the west coast of Scotland not to mention a road trip to the French Alps for some mountain biking. My partner and I don’t have any big trips planned as yet for this year, just lots of long weekends in Scotland wherever the notion takes us as we are getting married in the autumn.

Customer Aileen Brand

Exploring the mountain bike trails in the Scottish Sunshine

I love the weekend mini-adventures, exploring places you have never been before but wild places are never too far away in Scotland! FINDRA kit allows me to pack small, stay warm and be ready to go from the bike to the pub and be cosy in the van. I travel all over Scotland by public transport and bike for my job and my FINDRA kit is tested going from cycling straight into meetings, keeping me fresh warm and smart enough for partner meetings without having to carry lots of kit.

Customer Aileen Brand

Enjoying the good times. That smile says so much about freedom, adventure and love of the outdoors.

I discovered FINDRA right at the beginning when I was literally grabbed by a friend at the Glentress Peel Centre when Alex was doing some product feedback sessions before launching the brand. I’ve been hooked ever since, it fits my life perfectly, keeping me cosy and comfortable in almost everything I love. I hate being cold. My absolute favourite piece of kit has to be my FINDRA neckwarmer, I literally never travel anywhere without one, it packs so small and makes a huge difference whether it’s from chilly winds on the hill or keeping out the draughts in train stations. That being said my Route T-shirt has been getting a lot of abuse recently and a second one may be the next purchase on my wish list for spring lay