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Eating intuitively for activity, great health and the planet

At FINDRA we know that being active and loving being outdoors in nature is a lifestyle choice. We know that feeling great in the outdoors (or anywhere for that matter) isn’t just about what you’re wearing, it’s a whole package including what you eat.


We asked our friends at fitnaturally what advice they can offer to have us all feeling great and loving life.

If you love FINDRA you feel the benefits of being outdoors in nature, of being active in wild spaces and feeling healthy and free. You choose FINDRA products to honour those values and give you gorgeous subtle style as well as robust functionality and performance. You probably follow your intuition when it comes to spending time in wild spaces and value good food and intuitive eating alongside that.

Eating intuitively for activity, great health and the planet

Active people need great food; food that sustains, nourishes and energises; food that doesn’t take up too much precious outdoors time and that reduces their environmental footprint. ‘Eat less but better, be active every day’ is something we say lots at fitnaturally; we teach intuitive eating, cueing people in to what their body is saying about food and screening out all the shouty commercialism around ultra-processed food, no one needs that!

Restrictive diets, fad eating and exercise regimes are a road to misery; gentle nutrition, eating and moving naturally and listening to the body’s natural cues is a happier way to live. Intuitive eating – eating to hunger and fullness make people feel better, get healthier and waste a whole load less food and fuel. Considering the environment, reducing waste, and eating local and seasonal foods is something all of us need to do if we’re to preserve this beautiful planet.

Be strong, healthy and happy

Aiming to get skinny or to have a six pack, or look ‘ripped’ is replaced by a love of having a good strong heart and lungs, legs that take you places and a mind that’s happy and stimulated. Living a longer, more active, intuitive, happy and healthy life feels like a very natural goal.

Think of your body as a race car. Its engine is what really makes it special. Your engine is made up of muscles, vital organs and circulatory system; and it’s these that need good quality fuel and regular use to run efficiently. The paintwork isn’t such a priority!

eating and diet

Save time and spend more of it outdoors

You want and need great food but you have an active life. Eating well doesn’t have to take ages, you can fuel yourself amazingly with as little as ten minutes prep! We support sporty people as well as everyday active folk by planning their food week, giving them fast and nourishing food that tastes wonderful; it’s one less thing to have to think about when you’re planning hikes, epic cycling and mountain biking, runs and outdoors adventure. We even tell people what to take out with them to keep them strong and well fuelled. Less time planning, more time moving!

From quick and tasty porridge variations to speedy paella you can cook on a campfire, to food that travels well in a backpack, we have it all down and tested to a tee. And not just for the active parts of your life but all the life parts in-between, because we all know that rest is an important part of training and a chance to kick back and enjoy experimenting with new meals and sharing the food-love with friends and family.

Trust fitnaturally

We’re all active foodies at fitnaturally, from hill walking to running to triathlon to long distance mountain biking and wild swimming, we’ve done it and tested the food! We know how vital and energising it is to eat well and we adore tasty food and love fitting cooking into our active weeks. We are a small but perfectly formed team who share natural values, and between us we support and change people’s lives.

fitnat principles you’ll love

This is our mantra

– Eat well, move more.
– Buy less, make more.
– Stress less, laugh more.
– Make time, love more.
– Find a quiet spot every day and breathe.

Eat less, move more is a simple way to approach health without stressing about the minutiae of eat eating and without exercising manically.

Buy less, make more can apply to many things, including food. Making food from scratch instead of buying ready-made processed stuff saves money and helps save the planet – less packaging and processing power, fewer manufactured additives. Also decluttering life by buying less stuff helps people to think more clearly and have more calming space around them.

Stress less, laugh more is something people often forget. They live such busy lives and have lost touch with nature and its calming effects. No time to laugh any more! Intuitive eating removes a huge layer of stress from people’s lives, trusting the body to tell you how much to eat rather than tip-tapping meals into phone apps, annnd relax!

Make time, love more. Do you ever feel like you’re always working, always busy and neglect the people you love? Making time for important people helps everyone to feel better, showing and getting love and appreciation is one of life’s biggest needs. So many people have so little free time to laugh and love with friends and family. Stress is a huge contributor to ill-health and disease.

Find a quiet spot every day and breathe. I don’t need to tell you about this one, I think you probably already do it intuitively.

If you’d like to try our eatnaturally for everyone plans* just drop us a line at and if you say you were sent by FINDRA we’ll add two weeks on completely free. We do all the nutrition thinking and planning, all you have to do is choose, shop and eat from the variety of gorgeous and nourishing weekly options. More time to spend outdoors or looking around FINDRA’s beautiful shop!

*all our plans apart from bespoke


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