Stylish, Sustainable & Versatile

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Recycled Packaging

Stylish, Sustainable & Versatile

Recycled Packaging


At FINDRA we believe the connection to nature and the outdoors is vital to wellbeing and we create outdoor clothing that helps us find the joy in the activities and places we love, and fulfilment that comes from really being in that moment.

Everything we do is based around our Four Pillars of Place, Design, Environment and Wellbeing. It’s what guides us to make better, more considered clothing to provide confidence in the active lives we live today.

FINDRA – Discover your Outdoor Spirit.

FINDRA Design Studio


FINDRA has always focused on designing versatile clothing suitable for different situations and environments whilst not shouting ‘expert’ or ‘novice’. Clothes with understated style that work with you and for you. Clothes to simplify decision making that take you seamlessly from hillside to café or activity to work without ever feeling or looking out of place.

From functional details to personal comfort and the environment, FINDRA Clothing makes you look good and feel good anywhere.

Three women mountain biking in the Tweed Valley


The beautiful Tweed Valley in the Scottish Borders with its rich textile heritage is home to FINDRA and provides the inspiration for the brand and the clothes we make.

Life’s better when we have opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and our clothes are designed to do just that. Your ‘place’ may be the back garden or the remotest of mountain ranges, but either can be inspiring in the search for your Rå.

Woman wearing FINDRA on a Scottish Munro


The environment matters and is at the core of what we do.

Our ethically sourced merino wool requires less washing, doesn’t shed microplastics and is biodegradable at the end of its useful life.

Timeless design fits with the concept of slow fashion to reduce the throwaway culture of the fashion industry and help reduce the impact on the environment, as does the use of recycled plastic and coffee beans in our technical fabrics.

FINDRA is committed to the environment so we can all benefit from it long into the future.

Woman wearing FINDRA Merino top drinking coffee


The outdoors is our inspiration and is good for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Being in nature helps us appreciate our place in the world and when combined with exercise helps reduce stress and worry. FINDRA supports mental health charities such as Mind and aims to inspire through our Friends and Ambassadors from all walks of life who share their experiences of the outdoors.

FINDA Group Rideout in the Tweed Valley