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Adventure Ready Merino

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Layering is the key to staying comfortable and looking great, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. After all, life doesn’t fit into neat little boxes – so neither does our merino wear.


When the wind blows and the frost bites, it can be tempting to pull on the warmest jumper that you have to keep out the elements. You’ll probably feel great for 10 minutes but soon you’ll start feeling overheated, sweaty and even a bit lethargic. One thick layer traps sweat making you clammy and leaves you no where to go when things heat up.

So, what’s the answer? Wearing several lighter layers allows for air flow, wicking of sweat away from the skin and the option to add or remove layers when the weather turns or you increase the effort.


Get the base right and everything else will follow. A good base layer keeps you warm and wicks sweat and heat away from the body. It should be close-fitting and snug (but not so tight that it rides up). And when you finally settle down in front of the fire after a long, cold day and start to unpeel, you want a base that looks good too. Merino is the perfect choice – naturally wicking, incredibly soft, supple and durable and it looks good too.


Ranging from a thin t-shirt to a fleece, mid-layers add more warmth. Again, don’t be tempted to go for the thickest, warmest option – it’s almost always better to have two thin mid-layers that you can adjust as necessary when things heat up or cool down. Not only does merino do a great job as a mid-layer, it’s also light and portable so it’s easy to tuck into a bag.


Your outer layer should be waterproof and windproof. If you’re cycling with the kids you might need something lightweight and packable, if you’re planning a long-distance trek you’ll need a serious piece of technical kit. Unless you’re on the tiniest of mini adventures in the middle of the summer, always pack an outer layer – you never know when the weather will change.


You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of accessories when it comes to staying warm. Your head and neck lets a lot of heat out which also makes wearing and removing a hat or neck warmer a great way to regulate your temperature! A woolly hat is perfect for a Sunday afternoon ramble but will soon feel too hot when you pick up the pace. Try a headband to keep your ears cosy, a lambswool hat to keep you just right or a soft, adjustable neck warmer to keep out the chill.

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