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Adventure Ready Merino

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At FINDRA we always believe there’s more to explore – that also goes for our approach to designing our garments. True, people have been wearing wool to keep warm for hundreds of thousands of years, but by pushing the boundaries there’s always something else to discover.

Seamless Performance™ does just what it says, providing a high quality garment knitted entirely without seams. This process requires a high level of manufacturing and specialist techniques resulting in a one-piece garment that has not been pieced together from component parts.

With no seams and all design features integrally knitted into the garment, the FINDRA Seamless Performance™ range offers Ultra-smooth ultra-soft, ultra-durable and ultra-comfortable products. Seamless Performance™ helps you stay dry and comfy, and helps your precious merino last longer and allows you to enjoy more of what you love, the great outdoors.

SEAMLESS PERFORMANCE™ is a trademark of FINDRA and recognises FINDRA’s pioneering approach to design and manufacturing. Showcasing our eye for detail and design talent along with our technical understanding of manufacturing and performance raw material, this is FINDRA through and through.

With FINDRA’s Seamless Performance™ technology – we are leading the way in bringing to the market garments that are more comfortable, sustainable durable and lightweight enough to layer up easily and pack down practically.

Made from wool ethically sourced in Australia and spun in Italy, Our Seamless garments are designed with passion in the heart of the Scottish Borders and proudly made in Britain.

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