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he following guest post has been written by Nic Fell, one of our brand ambassadors here at FINDRA, on what she thought racing at the Tweedlove International Enduro in Scotland.

Heading into the Tweedlove International Enduro I was excited to have the opportunity to race with some of the world’s top Enduro racers. I was looking forward to getting out there in my new stylish FINDRA women’s cycling clothing and having fun with my mates.

Being an international event the format was slightly different to the usual format of races I attend at the Scottish Enduro Series. The event took place over four days with practice on Thursday and Friday and the race taking place on Saturday and Sunday. By the time I was done with the practice on Friday I knew I had gotten a bit carried away with my practicing as my legs were burst! 

Heading into Peebles on Saturday morning the event village was buzzing and it was great to catch up with Alex, the founder of FINDRA Outdoor Apparel, and some other team Ambassadors who were all cheering me on. I had registered early to ensure I got the same start time as my teammate, boyfriend and bike mechanic Mikey Muldoon. As Felldoon Racing cycled on to the stage to set off for race day one, I was filled with nervous excitement. With my merino wool MTB race kit on and the kids in Peebles high fiving us as we set off I felt like a pro!


Stage 1 was a pedal fest with a short steep section in the middle of the stage. As I pedalled through the finish I felt that I hadn’t put enough in and certainly wasn’t out of breath enough! I put in more effort on Stage 2. Stage 3 was the final stage of the day and the one I was most looking forward to, as it was the steepest. I was having a blast on this race and coming into the final section of the stage I could hear crowds cheering, but true to form and about 10 meters from the finish line I had a spectacular over the bars fall and was fuming with myself.

I ended the day in 10th position. I headed home slightly deflated and with a sore elbow.


 Bikes and kit cleaned up I was ready for day 2 of racing. With the stages on Sunday being steeper and more technical I was determined to claw back some time.

Stage 4 was a mixture of Old School downhill  and flat white with a short fire road sprint in the middle. At the top of this stage my teammate had a brake failure and had to retire from the race leaving me to represent Felldoon Racing on my own. In the morning I had left the event village in glorious sunshine wearing my FINDRA women’s baggy cycling shorts and Trail ladies cycling top, but by the time I got to the top of Stage 5 the heavens opened and I got drenched. I carried on to the last two stages still full of Enduro stoke albeit a bit damp, the promise of Big Bear Bakery cakes at the next feed station kept me going! By the time I reached the final stage of the day the weather had cleared and I was ready for some classic Inners downhill to end the day. This last stage was awesome with big crowds and all the riders full of smiles at the end!

Photo Credit Off the Back Barber & Photographer

Photo Credit Chris Strickland

At the end of day 2 I had clawed back some time and finished 9th. It was an ace four days of racing and I can’t give Tweedlove enough props for always putting on a belter of an event. Huge thanks to women’s cycling clothing brand FINDRA for their support and my awesome bike kit!!