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What to have in your first aid kit

A first aid kit is so often neglected, we all think that it won’t ever happen to us and we risk heading out without one. Most of the time we’re right, it won’t happen to us but we might come across someone else who needs help along the way.

What you need in your kit might vary depending on what activity you’re up to on that day and how far you’re heading from home.

First Aid Kit

This is a non-exhaustive list of essentials to be included in your adventure first aid kit:

  • Small notebook and pen (to record casualty condition over time if needs to be evacuated) outdoor notebook
  • Disposable gloves
  • Tough cut scissors
  • Non-adherent dressing like Melolin (carry large ones can be cut to size)
  • Wound dressings – a dressing pad attached to a bandage
  • Little gauzes – to mop up blood
  • Safety pins
  • Saline pods – to irrigate eyes
  • Mediwipes – pre-packed wipes for cleaning wounds
  • Micropore tape – can be used to secure dressings or immobilise fingers
  • Compression trauma dressing for big bleeds (could also use buff etc)
  • Compeed for blisters
  • Dioralyte – useful in summer
  • Bandage/support bandage – used to hold a dressing in place, secure a splint
  • Plasters – for minor cuts
  • Triangular bandage for slings
  • Pain killers – paracetamol/ibuprofen. Copy info which accompanies drugs onto waterproof paper and keep in first aid kit
  • Face shield – for CPR also aide-memoire
  • Energy gel – for exhaustion or hypothermic casualties