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Give yourself a break this new year

It’s so predictable, year after year the run-up to Christmas is frantic. Most of us crash full steam into the festive period having spent the days and weeks in the build-up rushing around, decorating our homes, buying gifts and vast amounts of food and alcohol!


Generally speaking, we then spend the next week to 10 days pretty much indulging in said food and drink, overeating loading up on sugar and alcohol and not seeing much daylight. But with the dawn of a ‘New Year’ comes the dawn of reality,


The indulgence that we convinced ourselves was allowed and deserved is now replaced with a feeling of guilt and possibly discomfort (especial around the waistline!) as we compute in our heads the last few weeks and our overspending and overeating!


In our desperation to find a solution and regain some normality and balance, the majority of us create a list of ‘New Years’ resolution primarily consisting of crash diets and fitness apps!


Yet the harsh facts are that we are setting ourselves up to fail, setting ourselves up with unrealistic goals and resolutions that we have failed on before January is even over.


In most cases we are trying to do too much too quickly, having overloaded our bodies with unhealthy food and drink it seems crazy to launch straight into hard-core activity and starvation diets. Yet most people opt for diets and health regimes believing they can lose weight or run a 5k in a matter of weeks, but diets and regimes are just that they are not behavioural changes and don’t last very long and ultimately we fail at them.

So how do we save ourselves from this rollercoaster and the disappointment we set ourselves up for?

I believe the answer lies in being kind to ourselves offloading the guilt and replacing it with acceptance. Firstly accepting that we have over indulged and then accepting that we are potentially setting unrealistic goals. Maybe if we take some time to think reflect and plan we might discover we can achieve far more with long-term results.


Taking the longer-term approach looking at your lifestyle and being honest and realistic with yourself and about what you hope to achieve is sure to be more successful. Taking things step by step and rather than making a drastic change.

So why not use January to prepare our mind and bodies for the months ahead, to understand what motivates us what inspires us and what will really help us achieve our goals. Starting off with simple attainable goals that we feel good about and we know will be achievable. Seeing the 12 months ahead as an opportunity to work on all aspects of who we are in mind body and spirit.

At FINDRA we like to practice what we preach and so to kick off our  2018 events program in January we have invited Katrina Mather of the Body Tool Kit to come along and share her story as well as inspire us all to look within when creating our list of resolutions!

Wishing you a happy healthy and balanced 2018

Alex x