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How and Why to Layer

So why would be layer our clothes? Why not just put on the warmest comfiest jumper we can possibly find and head out for the hills. Although it’s tempting it’s a clothing tactic often regretted. When your body heat increases you’re left with the decision of cooking slowly inside your uber-fleece or walking around semi-naked and possibly freezing.

Clothes layering involves wearing several thinner layers on top of one another, allowing for air movement between the layers keeping you comfortable whatever happens with the weather. Layering allows you to remove items, so you retain the perfect temperature, but also adds more insulation and more movement to your clothing.

Wearing one thick top can leave you feeling over-heated and lethargic, heat can’t escape through the (often synthetic) fibres and end up getting you hotter and possibly a bit sweaty. Your big chunky layer won’t transmit the sweat away from your body and you end up with that ‘bag of sweat’ feeling that is so unpleasant.

FINDRA merino layering system

FINDRA merino clothing makes perfect layers for when you’re getting out into the elements.



The most important layer is the base layer, it’s the basis of your outfit on which everything else is built. A good base layer against your skin will keep you warm but will transmit the sweat and excess heat away so you aren’t feeling clammy. You want it to be quite snug against your skin but not so tight that it rides up at the back, you want it to be made of a fabric that feels good against your skin and, you need to like how it looks. Although it’s hiding away under the other layers, it can still see the light of day when the temperature increases.

The FINDRA merino baselayer is obviously the perfect layer for this. It offers a fitted and flattering cut, high-quality merino that will wick moisture away from your skin, and the range of colours means you’ll be pleased to get an arm out on show.

FINDRA outdoor Adventure Clothing - Tops


The mid-layers add another layer of warmth and this is the layer you’re most likely to have the most of. A mid layer can vary from being just a thin t-shirt over your base layer to a warm fleece. Don’t go too think on the fleece though, it’s best to wear two mid-layers than go too warm in one layer. Always remember that you might end up at a pub or cafe at the end of your day out and you want to be able strip off the right amount of clothes. The FINDRA Route T-shirt is a great layering option, or the stunning FINDRA Caddon top for a bit more warmth.

It’s always better to have another warm layer in your bag than not have enough so give a thought to what else you can take along.

FINDRA merino layers,

Mid layers can be anything as a simple as a t-shirt, a fleece or a snuggly gilet.


This is your outer layer, a waterproof or a soft shell jacket to keep the wind and rain at bay. Depending on what you’re doing, you might want packable and lightweight or you might prefer to wear extreme mountain proof, it all depends on what you’re up to and what time of year it is. You should always seriously consider an outer layer though, weather can change quickly, the wind can pick and rain can appear when you least expect it.

FINDRA outerwear teaser shot

FINDRA outerwear? Watch this space


Accessories are the 4th layer, grabbed at the end on your way out of the door but vitally important. Your head and neck act as excellent heat exchangers, as will any part of your body left exposed to the elements, so getting the right accessories will allow you to adapt your temperature easily. A gorgeous woolly hat is perfect for when you’re walking slowly but, if you pick up the pace, you’ll soon feel the heat. Wearing a lighter hat or a merino headband means your ears will be kept warm while you can still vent excess heat from the top of your head.

A merino neck warmer is a really adaptable accessory, it keeps your neck area warm but can also be pulled up over your ears as a sort-of hat if you need it. It’s also lightweight so can slip into your bag if you don’t need it and pull it out later if you start to cool down.

FINDRA accessories keep you warm whatever the weather

Different accessories let you adapt your temperature quickly and easily.