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Inspiration: Happy Christmas!

Here at FINDRA, we’re always looking to bring you snippets of motivation to get you inspired for your own everyday adventures. We want to wish you all a very ‘Merry Christmas’, lovely friends of FINDRA. It’s been a very successful year here at FINDRA and reaching our 5th birthday has been a huge milestone. So what were the highlights of our year?




As all years go, there have been plenty of ups and downs for Team FINDRA in 2019. But thanks to the festivals we’ve visited, the feedback we’ve had and the friends we’ve made, it’s been a very successful year and we really hope you’ve enjoyed coming on the journey with us!

From all of the social bike rides and stand up paddleboarding to luxury adventure races at Gleneagles and our 5th birthday – we’ve loved how 2019 panned out. The Christmas and New Year periods will be a time of reflection and planning. 2020 is set to be another amazing year! Head over to our dedicated blog for a round up of Team FINDRA’s 2019!





Quote of the Year



Music of the Year

We’re building a FINDRA Community Playlist over on Spotify, bringing you music of a rather eclectic variety! From classic dance tunes to lesser-known indie songs, we hope there’s something new in there for you. If you’ve got a favourite you’d like to hear in the playlist, drop us a tweet!

Beth Ditto’s I’m Alive epitomises 2019 for Team FINDRA. Throughout all of the events, festivals with the highs and lows, we’ve pulled together as a team to make FINDRA bigger and better for you. This tune was, in fact, one of the motivators for these Sunday Inspiration emails sent lovingly to your inbox.


Whatever you’re up to this week, friends, remember to find your everyday adventure.

Love, Team FINDRA x