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FINDRA’s Weekly Inspiration: Leading by Example

Here at FINDRA, we’re always looking to bring you snippets of motivation to get you inspired for your own everyday adventures. This week, Team FINDRA’s very own Carol tells us about how her adventuring relationship with her two boys has changed over time and the lessons she’s learned. 


Leading by Example

“From an early age I realised I had a great love for the outdoors – being brought up on a farm I always felt most content when I was out helping with the animals in any way I could. When I was old enough to head away on my own for a few hours I loved nothing more than getting to the top of one of the nearby hills, with my trusted companions “Dot and Ben” (my collie dogs) where we would then just sit and admire the views (and the sheep of course 😊).

When my husband and I had children we really enjoyed introducing them to new sports and activities. Some of these we were familiar with ourselves and could lead by example e.g. Tennis – this was always my sporting love and for a few years both boys were hooked. This was fantastic as we would spend many hours on the courts together – but this could also be challenging since both were highly competitive with each other and games often ended in tears as someone has to lose!! I kept wondering if my two could be the next “Andy” and “Jamie” and myself the new “Judy”??”

Did Carol become the next Judy Murray?! Click through to her own dedicated blog to find out more!



Quote of the Week



Recipe of the Week

Carol tells us she adapts this raw vegan brownie recipe into energy balls for those adventure days out with the family or friends. They’re super easy to make and change to suit your tastes – have a go yourself and let us know the result!

Original recipe from Deliciously Ella. For 10 – 15 brownies/energy balls:


  • 2 cups of medjool dates
  • 1 cup of pecans
  • 2 – 3 tbsp of raw cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp of maple syrup
  • Coconut flakes or sesame seeds depending on your preference

1/. Blend the pecans in a food processor until they form a crumbly mixture

2/. Add the dates and blend again

3/. Add the cacao powder and maple syrup

4/. Blend thoroughly and roll into balls

5/. Gently roll the balls in coconut flakes, chopped hazelnuts or sesame seeds to coat the outside

6/. Place in the fridge to allow them to set

7/. Keep them in the fridge until they’re ready to eat!



Music of the Week

We’re building a FINDRA Community Playlist over on Spotify, bringing you music of a rather eclectic variety! From classic dance tunes to lesser-known indie songs, we hope there’s something new in there for you. If you’ve got a favourite you’d like to hear in the playlist, drop us a tweet!

“Bizarre I know but a song I love and sing pretty much every day (my poor suffering family will vouch for this) is Climb Every Mountain from the Sound of Music. I sing it more than I listen to it! But I also LOVE, LOVE this song especially when it appeared in Flashdance, just because it’s a great song and a great film.” Carol said it! Enjoy!