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FINDRA’s Weekly Inspiration: National Wool Week

Here at FINDRA, we’re always looking to bring you snippets of motivation to get you inspired for your own everyday adventures. Every year the Campaign for Wool runs National Wool Week, which runs from 7th October to 20th October in 2019. In its tenth year, Wool Week 2019 will once again highlight wool’s natural performance qualities and ecological benefits and this year FINDRA is a supporter of the campaign!


Campaign for Wool

“Make A Difference – Choose Wool. Every year sheep produce a new fleece; making wool a natural, renewable fibre source. Wool has inherent natural biodegradable properties in the land and ocean to benefit the planet which is choking from waste plastic, man-made and micro-fibres. We can all make a difference by choosing wool to help safeguard the planet for future generations.”

The Campaign for Wool is a global community of farmers, retailers, designers, manufacturers and consumers who aim to educate as many people as possible about the incredible benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings and everyday life.

We’re honoured to be a supporter of this campaign and we’re committed to spreading the word about the benefits of natural fibres, in particular wool. FINDRA are advocates of slow fashion, producing high-quality clothing that lasts, it is designed to be worn for years and become a wardrobe staple. Choose a healthier planet – choose wool.







Why Choose Wool?

Humans are the masters of invention, designing and innovating to find new solutions to old problems. But have you noticed that, in the end, we always revert back to nature’s solutions? With the oceans filling up with plastic microfibres, why would we put our trust in synthetic fibres for our clothing over natural ones?

Team FINDRA love wool and we also love the outdoors! We are also advocates of slow fashion and take time to design and find the best, most innovative way to manufacture and source high quality clothing that lasts for you, and takes care of the planet. That’s why we choose wool as a key raw material for our award winning Seamless Performance clothing range.

Click here to read our blog on the benefits of merino wool!







Wool and Art

Visual artist of the year 2019, Claudy Jongstra, is a Dutch artist and textile designer who uses sustainable materials in her pieces, predominantly wool, which she gets from her own flock of sheep. They’re not merino (our favourites) but a Dutch breed called Drenthe Heath, of which there are only 1000 left in the world. Claudy takes her inspiration from the world – colours and textures and the history of art itself. The production of her art is self sufficient, even down to the dyes which are grown in her botanical garden, and has a positive impact on the environment.

Her artist statement is, “The study of materials is also the study of history, ecology, architecture, economics, agriculture, politics, and reaches every corner of daily life. In our studio, research and experimentation with botany, natural fibers, and organic pigments have fostered a deep intellectual and instinctive connection to materials. In the contemporary context of global ecological degradation, we must understand material as a single state in a larger chain of creation, from sheep to yarn and seed to pigment. If we spread this understanding, we can begin to shift our relationship with this chain of creation, and thus with the earth itself.”






The Creative Process

You can read an interview with Claudy Jongstra over on The Woolmark Company, but before that we recommend watching this video as an introduction to her creative process:

Whatever you’re up to this week, friends, remember to find your everyday adventure.

Love, Team FINDRA x