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The FINDRA journal brings you tales of customer and ambassador journeys and stories to motivate and inspire your adventures, no matter how big or small.

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Inspiration Blog Kate Ocallaghan

Inspiration: Kate O’Callaghan

‘The outdoors will give you more than you can ever understand without feeling it first-hand.’ Mountain biker, hiker, surfer and Wonderful Wild Women ambassador Kate O’Callaghan lives and works in The Lake District, and shares with us the ways that the outdoor inspires her adventures – from the every day to the epic!    …

Weekly Inspiration Nicola Carass 5

Inspiration: Top 10 Cycling Quotes

Our top 10 favourite cycling quotes. “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F Kennedy We’ve compiled our favourite quotes about the joys that cycling brings, inspired by Nicola Carass, her friends from the New Forest Off Road Club, and these wonderful pictures from a birthday-weekend ride on the Isle of…

Inspiration Blog Images Dom Ferris

Inspiration: Dom Ferris

Dom Ferris is a mountain biker, surfer, and founder and MD of Trash Free Trails. This community-focussed, non-profit organisation aims to protect our trails and the wild places they take us, reduce plastic pollution, and reconnect people with nature through purposeful adventure. Dom currently resides on Anglesey with his spaniel, Lion.     Hey Dom…

FINDRA Inspiration - Vicky And Cece

Inspiration: Vicky and CeCe Balfour

“Things can be harder with disabilities but I will never let anyone pity us. This is the life we have been given, it’s incredible and we love it.” Vicky and CeCe Balfour are mother and daughter, and keen cyclists. 15 year old CeCe has a mix of physical and cognitive disabilities alongside autism. Here they…

FINDRA Inspiration – Jo Luckman

Inspiration: Jo Luckman

“I found myself taking blood from Tom Daley”. Jo Luckman is a champion of getting out there, trying new experiences, and making them work. A nurse who has worked for UK Anti-Doping, she’s also a pilates teacher, wild swimmer, artist and musician, and owns her own holiday retreat business. Here she paused for a second…

FINDRA Inspiration – David Flanagan

Inspiration: David Flanagan

“It’s all about joy, and the detail within the big picture – the play of sunlight on the water, the wildlife going about its business, the smell of salty air.” Author David Flanagan lives in Kirkwall on the Orkney Islands and loves adventure sports including skateboarding and surfing, which he took up aged 40 and…

FINDRA Inspiration – Stewart Wilson

Inspiration: Stewart Wilson

This week we meet with Friend of FINDRA Stewart Wilson, an Innerleithen local who loves to explore the hills of Southern Scotland and the Scottish Borders.   Hi Stewart, thanks for taking the time to chat and to start, can you introduce yourself and tell us where you live and what you do? I’m Stewart…

FINDRA Inspiration – Linda Devisch

Inspiration: Linda Devisch

Linda Devisch and her partner Dirk are cycle tourers from Belgium who love ‘moderate adventure’ – in other words, they don’t mind effort but they also don’t mind some luxury from time to time! Linda shares the couple’s travels on social media but their trips are never planned in detail: “We know what direction we…

FINDRA Inspiration Ros South

Inspiration: Ros South

Meet Rosalind South, Channel swimmer, cancer survivor and campaigner who, initially, could barely swim across a swimming pool and was afraid of the sea. Find out why she chose to take part in a Channel swim, how she trained and overcame her fear, and how the power of cold water swimming has transformed her physical…

FINDRA Inspiration – Vedangi Kulkarni

Inspiration: Vedangi Kulkarni

Fasten your seatbelts for an action packed read! In 2018 and aged 20, Vedangi Kulkarni became the youngest woman to have circumnavigated the globe by bicycle. She grew up travelling far and wide and, at 17, cycled through the Indian Himalayas. Now based in Dorset and with many more adventures to her name, Vedangi shares…

FINDRA Inspiration – Polly Clark

Inspiration: Polly Clark

Polly Clark is a mountain bike guide and yoga teacher in the Cambrian Mountains. As a child she rode ponies and kayaked in the Brecon Beacons. “It was a time of pure freedom and joy and that is still what I get from being out there in nature.” Here’s how Polly now combines this passion…

FINDRA Inspiration Owain Williams

Inspiration: Owain Williams

“I just love how accessible running is. All you really need is a pair of running shoes and you’re good to go.” Owain Williams was born on the beautiful Isle of Tiree and, not surprisingly, grew up with a love for the outdoors. Here he explains how the simple act of running brings so much…