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How small environmental changes can make a big difference

We’re all starting to become more aware of our environmental impact, with recycling schemes promoted and constant reminders on tv (who’s seen the tear-jerking pieces at the end of David Attenborough documentaries?). We’re all responsible for what we leave our children. Marine Litter in Scotland. Surfers against Sewage campaign to clean our beaches Here are…

Customer Sarah Shaw

Customer of the Month: Sarah Shaw

We’re continuing our regular ‘Customer of the Month’ slot with Sarah, she takes time out from her very busy schedule to tell us a bit about her life and how a love or cycling has changed her outlook. Over to you Sarah I’m Sarah, Compliance Director by day, Owner of Garage Bikes by night and…

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Merino – Natures Wonder Fibre

Humans are the masters of invention, designing and innovating to find new solutions to old problems. But have you noticed that, in the end, we always revert back to natures solutions? No man-made foods compete with what nature can provide and more and more new drugs are being derived from nature. So, why would we…

Business quarter

“IN THE RIGHT GEAR” – Business Quarter

By Business Quarter Fashion designer Alex Feechan turned her passion for mountain biking into Findra, a clothing brand for women. The Borders are hard to beat when it comes to mountain biking. From the Glentress centre to the forest trails around Jedburgh, the area has some world-class routes to put both novices and experts to…

shorts review bike radar

Bike Radar reviewed: Relaxed Fit Shorts Denim

We knew the website, Bike Radar, would put our relaxed fit shorts through really tough testing, but that’s what they’re made for. We sent them the denim shorts in a size 12. Highs: Good fit and look, denim style, length Lows: Denim material warm in hotter temperatures, not suitable for wet trails, colour ran on…

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Want mud, skinny tyres, gravel roads, mad fun – meet gravel biking

Grinduro is a race concept straight out of the sunshine of California, and it landed crash bang onto the Isle of Arran, 7800 km and a world away. The parched roads and sunshine of the west coast of the US gave way to the lush landscapes and rolling hills of the west coast of Scotland…

marin review

Love the Mountains reviewed: FINDRA Marin top

At FINDRA, we’re big fans of the Love the Mountains website, so we were so happy when they did a review of our classic Marin merino top. If you are into any kind of cycling and haven’t heard of FINDRA then you need to. The FINDRA ethos is about positivity and supporting one another. It’s…

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What’s this Empowerment all about then?

Here at FINDRA, we feel pretty empowered, but there have been lady lumps along the way. We asked our friend Heather Graham of the ‘How Dare She?‘ project what empowerment really means, and what it’s going to achieve. Are the words ‘female’ and ‘power’, contradictory?  Firstly, ‘power’ is considered by many women to be a masculine description…

Resized Empowerment Pants 1

“She needed a hero…” A 26 mile journey of empowerment

FINDRA is about women being empowered to take on the challenge, to go forth and conquer the world whatever stands in your way. We meet Fiona MacDonald, cancer survivor and newly motivated walker, on her journey from diagnosis to finishing the MacMillan Cancer Mighty Hike. Check out the ‘Empowerment’ pants on the outside – superhero style!   My journey…

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The Great Family Summer Cycling Dilemma

As the summer holidays draw to a close, our FINDRA Ambassador Kim Rand takes a moment to reflect on the last 6 weeks. When the kids are off school it makes a difference to everyone, whether it’s juggling child care, negotiating leisure time with your partner or just seeing the price of flights quadruple, we all have…

Customer Phoebe Montgomery

Customer of the Month: Phoebe Montgomery

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I am 29 years old, I live with my rescue Staffie, Olly. I found Olly, along with 14 other puppies in a bin where someone had dumped them. I chose to keep Olly because he wasn’t breathing when I found him, our bond was growing stronger every day and…

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5 things that make summer awesome: Anna McGorum

Who doesn’t love the Summer Holidays? Over a month of action packed days, ‘stay up as late as you want’ evenings, shorts and t-shirt weather (if the Scottish weather is in a good mood) and, of course, no school! It’s everything anyone ever wanted, all in one holiday! But, there are some things that make…