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FINDRA journal brings you tales of customer and ambassador journeys, news, advice and stories to motivate and inspire you to be the happiest version of yourself. Have a browse, have a read and discover the world of FINDRA.

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Picture by Gareth Easton 07752666522 - FINDRA Hat Manufacture Johnstons of Elgin, Hawick

Designed with purpose

With 3 and a half years of trading under our belt, team FINDRA are preparing to launch our new range of products in April. Why has it taken so long you might well ask? Well lots of reason, in this blog I reflect back on growing a brand and building a business with a small, capsule…

FINDRA – Who We Are

FINDRA – Who We Are

What’s in your bag for your next Mini Adventure?

Spring is here and time to get out and make the most of the beautiful days and longer evenings. Flowers are blooming and we’re all so happy to have the opportunity to get outside and get active again that we’re already planning where to go and what to take with us. We asked FINDRA ambassador,…

What To Have In Your First Aid Kit

What to have in your first aid kit

Small notebook and pen (to record casualty condition over time if needs to be evacuated) outdoor notebook Disposable gloves Tough cut scissors Non-adherent dressing like Melolin (carry large ones can be cut to size) Wound dressings – a dressing pad attached to a bandage Little gauzes – to mop up blood Safety pins Saline pods…

People, Vision, Detail

People, Vision, Detail and How to keep Motivated in Business

Since launching FINDRA over 3 years ago I have often reflected on what motivates me. Launching a start-up business is such a roller coaster and being motivated is key to keeping going and getting through the tough times. When faced with big challenges I have to dig deep and remind myself of why I chose…

FINDRA, womens biking clothing

The future’s bright not Black

Black Friday has arrived, the much-anticipated day of mega sales and discounting. Each year the build-up starts earlier and earlier and Black Friday turns into a week-long, sometimes month-long extravaganza of cheap ‘bargain hunting’ shopping!   Back in the summer during a marketing meeting the team and I talked then about ‘Black Friday’ and I…

1 Cotswold Way

Top 6 Best UK Multi day Hiking Trails

Ever feel like you need some escapism from modern life? A trip to the cinema is a temporary fix, and the local pub isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Don’t despair – sometimes the best escapes are right on your doorstep, and don’t cost the earth.    A long-distance walk is good for the body…

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7 Top Tips on Planning an Adventure

Adventures come in every shape and size, your adventure might be finding a new walking trail, running 10km off road or packing your bike for a weekend of wild camping. Whether it is a micro, mini or mighty adventure, you’ll be pleased you did a little planning in advance. FINDRA ambassador, world adventurer and Edinburgh…

Redefining Health6

Redefining Health and How to Thrive

With the new year well and truly started, most of us are feeling a desire to feel healthier, fitter and just be better. Before her talk, Health and how to Thrive, at FINDRA on 24th January, we asked Katria Mather, founder of The Body Toolkit, to tell us what changes we can make to make…

The Road to Recovery Part One: Zoom or Bust?

The Road to Recovery Part One: Zoom or Bust?

It happened… that moment I’m sure all mountain bikers dread… picking yourself up after an “off” thinking “I’m hurt, Shit, I’m actually hurt!” Over the years I’ve had the usual “spills”, I’ve been scraped, bruised, winded, had a couple of excursion over the bars and even been slightly concussed. Each time I’ve taken a few…

Photo Credit – Peter Smith

Scottish Enduro Series #4 – Laggan Wolftrax

Here’s FINDRA athlete Nic Fell’s race report from racing round 4 of the Scottish Enduro Series at Laggan last weekend: It felt like it had been a long time since my last Enduro but heading into round 4 of the Scottish Enduro Series I was excited and nervous. Nervous because after 2 weeks riding downhill…

Tweedlove Enduro Race 495x400


he following guest post has been written by Nic Fell, one of our brand ambassadors here at FINDRA, on what she thought racing at the Tweedlove International Enduro in Scotland. Heading into the Tweedlove International Enduro I was excited to have the opportunity to race with some of the world’s top Enduro racers. I was looking forward…