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Juicing For Energy

As we get older, our energy levels begin to diminish and we often find ourselves looking for external stimulants to give us the energy we crave.  In the short term, energy drinks, caffeine and sugar certainly give us a boost, but it’s a false economy, putting strains on the body and depleting our energy levels in the long term.


The best way to help the body create natural energy is to adopt a diet that nourishes you inside out.  Rather than dieting, the mantra should always be “How can I get more goodness into my body today”.

Getting right back to basics, the best principles to start with are to:

·         Drink plenty of water

·         Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables

·         Completely avoid refined sugar

And one of the most efficient ways of getting plenty of raw vegetables into your diet is with juicing – it’s what u-turned my own health and it’s easy to start adding a fresh vegetable juice on top of your current diet.

1.       Juicing is the fastest way of getting raw, live nutrition into the body.  A juicer extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables by separating it from the insoluble fibre, leaving you with a juice full of alkalising enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that protect your cells from disease and premature ageing.  Using a juicer to remove the fibre saves your body a considerable amount of digestive energy, allowing it to use the saved energy to heal, repair and regenerate.

2.       Juicing helps you absorb more nutrients from vegetables.  Most of us with busy lives have ‘less than perfect’ diets, which for more and more of us means that our digestion has become impaired and it’s harder for the body to absorb as many nutrients from our food.  Couple that with the fact that the majority of us simply do not eat enough raw vegetables whose precious micronutrients are destroyed when cooked at high temperatures.  Juicing raw vegetables harnesses their highest nutritional value.

3.       Juicing gets you more compliments.  You are made up of around 30 trillion cells, so when you drink fresh juices and your cells in your skin, your eyes and your hair become clearer and healthier, you will start to look different too.  A glow, shinier hair, natural weight loss and more energy are the most common “side effects” of juicing.

The Body Toolkit retreats offer the opportunity to recharge, restore and renew inside out



Serves 1

·         1 Apple

·         1 Carrot

·         1 Beetroot

·         ¼ Cucumber

·         1 Stalk of Celery

·         small chunk of Ginger

·         ¼ Peeled Lemon


1.       Choose organic if possible; wash the ingredients (you only really need to peel the lemon).

2.       Put all of the ingredients through your juicer.

3.       Pour into a glass and drink slowly, “chewing” your juice to stimulate your digestive enzymes and have them poised to absorb this live nutrition.

Katrina owner of The Body Toolkit running a juicing workshop during the retreat



Serves 1

·         1 Large Handful of Spinach

·         1 Large Handful of Kale

·         2  Apples

·         1 Stalk of Celery

·         ¼ Cucumber

·         ¼ Peeled Lemon


1.       Wash the ingredients.

2.       Put the spinach & kale into the juicer first, followed by the apple and harder vegetables – turn the juicer on and put the rest of the ingredients through.

3.       Pour into a glass and enjoy mindfully.


About the Author Katrina Mather:


Katrina Mather is the founder and driving force behind ‘The Body Toolkit’, an award-winning health retreat in the Scottish Highlands.  At her retreat and during her workshops she shares her journey in overcoming anxiety, acne, depression and IBS which led her to create the retreat in 2014, and discusses simple, but powerful things we can all do to nourish the body, reduce stress and ultimately help ourselves to thrive.

“Katrina is a shining advert for the lifestyle she advocates – she is calm, articulate, kind and credible.” The Scotsman


The Body Toolkit Retreat:

The peace and natural beauty of the west coast Scottish Highlands lie at the heart of The Body Toolkit, an award-winning, first-of-its-kind health retreat.  Katrina Mather’s all-inclusive, 7-day programmes teach a variety of simple techniques that empower people to make serious improvements to their health and quality of life.

Each retreat consists of a nourishing, organic juice detox, walks immersed in nature, relaxation and coaching on techniques to combat stress.  Guests are taught techniques to maintain health goals for life – not just for their week away.

Based in Lochaber in the west coast highlands, the retreat is consistently described as “life-changing”; with guests reporting an average weight loss of 7lbs, a significant boost to energy and mood, improved sleep, digestion and a reduction in aches and pains.

Website: The Body Toolkit (