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What Motivates Me: Julia Hobson

With the lighter evenings on the way, we’ve asked each of our brand ambassadors where they get their motivation from. If you’ve struggled to get outside over winter, or even if you haven’t, we hope your motivation fire is fuelled with this mini-series blog. Next up is our brand ambassador, Julia Hobson, a mountain bike guide, climber and ski instructor.

Julia Hobson what motivates me

Photo credit: Julia Hobson

The snapshot of life that social media shows can often make it seem that some individuals never suffer from a lack of motivation. Always out doing something, being active, never having a day where they feel lethargic, lazy, or like they can’t be bothered. Whilst I’m lucky to generally be a very motivated person, and need little persuasion to get outside on my bike, feet or skis, and into the Mountains where I feel at my most content, it’s a lie to think that every one of us doesn’t at some point feel unmotivated. Weather, stress, work, burnout, fatigue can all play their part in this.


On those days though, there are a couple of things that get me out of the door;

The first is that I love being outside…the fresh air, the weather (all kinds of it!), the sounds, the smells and the sights. Simply being out in the hills is a feast for senses which become deadened when stuck indoors.
Tying in with this, the second is that I’ve learnt over time that no matter my mood, I ALWAYS feel better for getting out on a ride, a run or whatever, and keeping that thought in my mind is motivator on the lazy days. It’s an escape, a chance to clear my mind, fill my body with the endorphins and adrenaline it craves, and a happiness booster.

Being away from a computer, a phone, busy places and lots of people gives me chance to slow down, breathe and calmly begin to sort through the dozens of things in my mind stressing me out on any particular day!

The final, and maybe biggest motivation, is that in the back of my mind is always the thought that life is short, and one day I may not be able to do the things I love and that I currently take for granted.

When I lost my husband Gareth 7 years ago, I learnt this first hand, and ever since, if I’m feeling unmotivated, I remind myself what a privilege it is to be alive, and how ungrateful it would be to not make the most of every precious day, when those like Gareth who are no longer here, would have given anything to still be doing the things I can today. To feel the elements on our skin, see beauty in the natural world around us, explore new places, use our bodies as fully as we can, to be grateful for all of these things.

The motivation to live for the both of us is a powerful one, and I hope one that I will carry forever. Now…it’s almost the weekend, I’ve spent too many hours at my desk already today, and the hills are calling! Time to get outside, cheerio!