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Why I love to ride – Dee Hollingsbee

To celebrate National Bike Week 2018 we asked the cyclists of Team FINDRA what it was that they loved the most about riding their bike and where that passion came from. Today, we asked our cycling mum ambassador Dee why it is she likes to ride her bike….ride bikes Dee

Its been a busy week since Cat asked me to write a few lines about why I love biking.

So, while being Supportive Mum on the sidelines of County Sports, or running around the supermarket (again), or getting stuck into the start of my Tweedlove 2018 duties, I’ve been asking myself this question over and over, to try to determine exactly what the answer might be.

But each time I asked myself the question, the answer was different.

On Friday morning I loved biking because I was at the top of Gypsy Glen with a pal. Looking across at the Hydro peeking through the trees on the other side of the valley, in glorious sunshine. Loving the beauty of where I live and the two-wheel availability of so much of it – even within a limited time slot before school pick up.

This Friday it was just one pal but most weeks there are many more of us  – of all ages and backgrounds and abilities, but there’s always chat, and support, and laughs and new friends, so many new friends. Oh, did I mention there’s always cake?

On Saturday morning I loved biking as I was surrounded by pals registering hundreds of bikers as they prepared to get stuck into the Glentress 7, a 7-hour endurance race in the Glentress forest.

I tried it once. I hated it.

But I’m there, every year, helping out because there’s not much to top the atmosphere generated by 200 bikers doing what they love. Even through the blood, sweat and tears. And when you’re lucky enough to call some of these guys pals, it makes it even better.

Ride bikes kids

The cutest race ever – The TweedLove Mega Mashup. Photo by

On Sunday I loved biking because I got to play with fifty 5 and 6 year-olds as they did their own version of the GT7 – the Tweedlove Family Day Mega Mash-up. Wee boys and girls, who were mostly just getting to grips with pedal bikes, doing laps and negotiating obstacles. High Fives and smiles all round.

And messing, lots of messing – such good fun.

Today I love biking because I’m typing this while taking painkillers and struggling to sit or walk (arthritis in my spine). But it’s been 2 years since I last had an episode and that’s because my bike helps to keep me strong, and fit and mobile and so in a few days it will pass and the pills will go back into the cupboard and wait to expire.

So, tomorrows reason…?