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Environmentally Friendly Merino

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Merino – Natures Wonder Fibre

Humans are the masters of invention, designing and innovating to find new solutions to old problems. But have you noticed that, in the end, we always revert back to natures solutions?

No man-made foods compete with what nature can provide and more and more new drugs are being derived from nature. So, why would we put our trust in synthetic fibres for our clothing over natural ones?

Merino wool, from a special breed of sheep, is an ancient fibre known for its incredible properties – it’s the manuka honey of the wool world – a natural cure all that keeps us looking and feeling great.

Here is why Merino is so incredible in 6 easy steps….

FINDRA Route Merino T-shirt Plum gets the sniff test

Catching a whiff? Nope.


The superfine and flexible fibre of the merino wool doesn’t cling on to sweat or to dirt molecules. It’s not actually your sweat that smells, it’s the bacteria that metabolise your sweat give that give off that sickly sweet odour. Merino has antibacterial properties and the weave lets the sweat evaporate away, leaving nothing for bacteria to grow on and keeping you smelling as fresh as a daisy in a New Zealand meadow.

FINDRA caddon top in Navy - Iceland

Perfection for getting active in the cold – moving sweat away from your skin will keep your temperature regulated and keep you running.



Merino wool traps warm air between the superfine fibres, that trapped air creates a micro-climate against your skin keeping you warm. When the temperature increases and you get a bit moist, the merino wool absorbs the moisture away from the skin helping you regulate your temperature. Merino wool can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in moisture so, that’s a lot of sweat it can suck up. Sweat does an incredible job of keeping you cool but if you’re left wet when you stop moving it can reduce your body temperature too far. Merino lets your sweat evaporate, not inhibiting the cooling action and leaving you dry so you don’t end up shivering at the end of your session.

FINDRA merino socks

Merino against the skin – Gentle and non-irritating.


The superfine fibres are gentle against your skin, sufferers of eczema and other skin conditions report that merino’s soft and pliable nature doesn’t cause their skin to react like other natural fibres. Also, its ability to pull sweat and moisture away from the skin will keep your skin fresh and irritant free. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to be the answer for everyone but, if you find yourself scratching with normal wool, merino is worth a try.

FINDRA merino gets you there. Not Scotland

If this is the kind of view you like to wake up to, wearing merino could be the answer to a good nights sleep.



So, unless you’re on a multi-day camping trip, you might not be sleeping in your FINDRA but, if you are, it’s the perfect fabric for getting a good night sleep. The fibres breath more naturally than other fabrics helping you achieve the right temperature for sleep quicker and keeping you there longer. Research has found that there is an increase in REM sleep, the most reviving of your sleep phases, in wearers of merino so you awake feeling refreshed, not clammy and ready to get your day going.

FINDRA Route merino tshirt peacock hits the trails of France

Merino wool has a naturally occurring sun protection factor, keeping your skin healthy for years to come.


Merino wool has been shown in research to have naturally occurring UV protecting abilities.  Polyesters and cottons have a natural rating of 20-25 SPF with Merino clocking in at over 40. We often only think of exposed skin as being affected by the sun but, sun damage happens all over and it’s good to know we’re protected from this invisible foe.

Non-mulesed merino sheep take in the New Zealand sunshine

Merino Sheep – all our wool comes from certified non-mulesed flocks so you can be assured that welfare standards are high.


We don’t want to think about the end of life of products but, there will come a time, 100 years from now that your merino will be showing wear and you might want to dispose of it. Merino wool, along with other natural fibres will biodegrade, returning nutrients to the earth. Man-made fabrics just won’t do this, they’ll break down more slowly, releasing microparticles into the earth and the ocean. Sustainability and biodegradability are not just buzz words, they are things that, with the Earth’s growing populations, we need to think about more and more.
Merino really is a super-fibre, nature has given us so much and we’re proud at FINDRA to use this wonder fabric to make beautiful clothing. Our merino is produced via ethical methods (all wool is from certified non-mulesed sheep) and we promote a culture of fixing rather than replacing if your clothing becomes worn or damaged.
Get in on the merino revolution, you could sweat better, sleep better, smell better and help out the planet a little. Long live merino – one of natures finest gifts.