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Stylish, Sustainable & Versatile

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Merino Wool, in the summer … really?

When you love the outdoors and want to remain active at any time of the year regardless of the temperature, it’s crucial to dress appropriately and ensure your clothing is comfortable, adaptable and works hard for you.
When you think of sunshine and warm days, you might not instantly reach for your merino, but actually, that’s exactly what you should do!

Merino is perfect for the summer months, however hot it gets out there. Not just a winter staple, lightweight merino is an ideal versatile fabric for an outdoor lovers summer wardrobe.

At FINDRA our passion is to create clothing that is stylish, sustainable and works hard for you. Making great clothing that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort all year inspired us to create the  Merino Lite range. We wanted to design a lightweight merino blend that could be worn easily in the warmer months of the year.

Here are our top 5 reasons why Merino is the perfect fabric for wearing outdoors in the summer.

1/. Temperature regulation

Merino wool isn’t just for keeping you warm; the incredible properties of merino mean it temperature regulates therefore it will also keep you cool as well. How could it do that we hear you cry? Well, it’s all about sweat, when we sweat and the moisture evaporates away it takes some of our bodily heat with it, that’s the whole purpose of sweat. Synthetic fibres don’t absorb the sweat so it gets held against your skin and you get that hot, uncomfortable sweaty feeling. Merino can hold up to 40% of its own weight in moisture so it pulls sweat away from your skin and allows it to be evaporated into the air. It facilitates rather than inhibits your bodies’ natural process and, we all know that nature knows best.

2/. UV Protection

Merino wool has been shown in research to have naturally occurring UV protecting abilities. Polyesters and cottons have a natural rating of 20-25 SPF with Merino clocking in at over 40. We often only think of exposed skin as being affected by the sun but, sun damage happens all over and it’s good to know we’re protected from this invisible foe. Beware though, put that cream on everywhere and keep yourself well and truly protected.

3/. It’s odour resistant

Back to that lovely summer sweat, at the end of a day of activity we can all have a bit of a whiff about us, but merino saves us from those embarrassingly odorous situations. Whether you’re out for a hill walk or just pottering in the garden it’s easy to work up a sweat, but it’s not the actual sweat that makes us smell, it’s bacteria that metabolise the sweat that make it smell. As well as allowing the sweat to evaporate away, merino also has natural antibacterial properties so bacteria can’t get settled in the fibres. You can even wear it for weeks at a time and it won’t smell. Be gone summer stink!

4/. Fast Drying

If you do decide your merino needs a wash, FINDRA merino is machine washable so chuck it in the machine; your merino will be back in action in no time. The superfine fibres are fast drying not holding on to the moisture but letting it evaporate away. Hang it on your clothesline and it’ll be ready to wear in no time. Also perfect for impromptu dips in the river or water fights in the garden.

5/. Soft and gentle against the skin

It’s very easy to get irritated in the sunshine, both your skin and, on occasion, your nerves. Merino wool is gentle to even the most sensitive skin, in fact, a lot of people who are allergic to normal wool can wear merino. If you’re feeling the effects of the sun, be it sunburn or a heat rash, lightweight merino wool against your skin will help you feel comfortable.

Check out our range of lightweight merino blends for that perfect summer look and feel. The 150gsm weave feels light and gentle on your skin wherever your adventure takes you.