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No Christmas Opening hours? Are we crazy?

And just like that 2017 is almost behind us, a year for me that has been full to the brim with new challenges and undertakings both personally and professionally. It has often been said that ‘Entrepreneurs ‘ don’t take time to stop reflect and take stock of the journey they have been on or the achievements and milestones they have reached on that journey. I have to say I agree, we are often so focused on the future the next challenge that we forget to stop and reflect on what we have achieved and learned in the good times and the bad.

Cheers from the FINDRA team

Cheers from the FINDRA team

2017 has been a busy one for me both personally and in business. We have achieved so much with FINDRA moving into the new design hub in February the launch of our first little retail space in May, the expansion of our team from 3 to 7 and the extensive work that has been taking place behind the scenes on new products for 2018. In clothing and retail we spend a great deal of time looking ahead to the future as we work so far in advance, for example in January 2018 we will start the design process for Spring Summer 2019 a whole 12 months in advance!


With so much going on front and back of house I made the decision that as a business we should take a full 2-week break over the Christmas and New Year period. The design Hub will close and the team will head off to enjoy a well-deserved break of rest and relaxation. Taking time to recharge their batteries.

Alex getting into the Christmas spirit


I am personally really looking forward to spending uninterrupted time with my family enjoying the chaos of Christmas and getting outdoors, going for walks with my dog or getting out on my bike. The luxury of being at home and the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the journey so far is crucial to preparing for the year ahead, the challenges we have set ourselves and the goals we want to achieve. Living in the moment getting perspective on the important things in life our family and loved ones, feeling a sense of gratitude for what we are surrounded by, be that love hope and of course nature. This ‘time out’ to stop, reflect and unwind helps me to feel re-energised grounded, strong and ready to face the year ahead the challenges I have set myself and the goals I want to achieve both personally and professionally.

Wishing you all a very Merry and restful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018.

Alex x