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Outdoor Adventures to Try Together

Sharing adventures with your partner or close friends can deepen a bond and create amazing memories. See each other at your best and your worst and strengthen your team. Making time to get outdoors with your other half might take some extra time planning and resources but it is always worthwhile. Here are our top 5 favourite adventures to try with your other half.


1/. Mountain biking – a firm FINDRA favourite but also a way of discovering new routes and hidden places around your local area. No matter how good you are, learning new skills from each other is a great way to improve.


Discover new parts of the countryside on a mountain bike


2/. SUP – stand up paddleboarding may seem like a solo activity, but encouraging your other half to push beyond their boundaries and just stand up on the board can have a positive impact on the both of you. You don’t have to be an expert or own your own paddleboard; there are plenty of schools offering classes with all equipment included.


Learning to stand on a paddleboard is one of the hardest parts!


3/. Hill walking – an easy one, especially for those living in Scotland! There are so many hills and mountains to choose from, you’ll never be short of places to walk. Time to walk and talk and appreciate the scenery around you. All you need is a map, a good pair of walking shoes, great layers and you’re good to go!


Nothing better than getting up to the top of a hard climb!


4/. Rock climbing – local climbing walls will have classes to introduce you to indoor rock climbing, or perhaps you have friends who have their own kit they can lend you. Either way, rock climbing is a great way to learn how to communicate with each other when one of you is perched high on a wall!


FINDRA ambassador, Penny Zannikos , getting ready for some rock climbing!


5/. Kayaking – Sharing a kayak requires timing, team work and communication but also shows you the world from a different perspective. Share a moment of peace and tranquillity exploring your local waterways and spot some aquatic wildlife.



What outdoor adventures do you share with your partner? Drop us a tweet to tell us!