Fiona Quinn

Fiona Quinn FINDRA Brand Ambassador

Adventurer, Author and Speaker

I first got into adventure at the age of 28 with a wild camp under the stars. From there I got a bike and ended up cycling, walking and stand up paddleboarding Land’s End to John O’Groats. Along the way I realised that challenging myself in the outdoors, whether on a big adventure or just a lunchtime hike, it renews something in me and gives me the confidence to see new possibilities. I’m by no means an athlete, I don’t train. Instead, adventure for me is all about starting before I’m ready and believing that whatever crazy idea I want to make happen, it is possible.
My career is now adventure focused, having written my first book Ignore the Fear in 2019 and shared my story via talks at a whole variety of events. I also work for a mapping company helping other people to get outside and still love to dream up crazy, slightly smaller, adventures that can make the most of my new surroundings now I’ve moved to the Lake District.