Owain Williams

Owain Williams FINDRA Brand Ambassador

Trail runner & traction kiting

My name is Owain Williams and I’m based in Edinburgh and alongside running I also love bouldering and photography. During the week I’m a web developer and at the weekends my wife and I typically head off in our camper van for mini adventures.
Growing up on the Isle of Tiree, I’ve always had the outdoors in my life. Whether it was windsurfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, cycling or running, I was always active. Then when I came to Edinburgh to study, I found my passion for the wind and started teaching traction kiting on West Sands in St Andrews where found my love for running when there wasn’t any wind to fly a kite!
I love the freedom that running gives me. I can go anywhere in the world and as long as I have a pair of trainers, I’m good to go. I’ve explored cities, I’ve ran trails along coastlines, I’ve ran up old volcanoes, I’ve got completely lost while thinking I knew exactly where I was, it’s all part of the fun of running.
Over the years I’ve found myself having a real passion for spreading the word about Mental Health. It’s so important and the simplest things can make the biggest differences. A walk outdoors, a friendly smile from a stranger, someone just asking, are you OK? Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make things that little bit better.