Penny Zannikos

Penny Zannikos Friend of FINDRA

Exploring the world on foot:
climber, mountaineer, yogi and everyday adventurer

In my life, I have been a competitive gymnast, travelled, lived overseas, become fluent in Greek, studied Sport Science and trained in personal training, been a successful estate agent, become a competitive bodybuilder and most importantly raised two beautiful independent women; effectively on my own.
I have always tried to live my life to the best, to be my best, to be positive, to reinvent myself as life moves along and to find new challenges. Most recently, as the home team grew up and away, I have rediscovered a love of the outdoors and become involved with climbing and mountaineering – despite a crippling fear of heights! As part of that, I have come into contact with some inspirational women that have made me realise I want to make a difference. To be part of the awakening that is happening with women and the outdoor industry and to lead in helping ladies overcome, often self-imposed, obstacles to a rewarding and fuller life.
I practise yoga most days, run, hike, mountaineer and climb and frankly I can’t get enough, I can’t wait for the next weekend adventure, the next big trip to the other side of the world, the next big expedition and equally the next time I’m at the indoor climbing wall and on my yoga mat.

I have asked the question ‘why me? why have I been chosen as a brand ambassador for FINDRA?’ What have I got to offer, alongside all these incredible athletes? Well, I guess because I am a normal, middle-aged woman with a story like many others, so who better to encourage others to be active, have fun and enjoy being outside, to enjoy finding their own adventure! What a tremendous honour this is, and I can’t wait to get involved.