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People, Vision, Detail and How to keep Motivated in Business

Since launching FINDRA over 3 years ago, Alex has often reflected on what motivates her. Launching a start-up business is such a roller coaster and being motivated is key to keeping going and getting through the tough times. When faced with big challenges she’s had to dig deep and remind herself of why she chose this path.


At FINDRA we kicked off 2018 with a brand workshop, this involved the whole team, the purpose of the workshop was to re-visit who we are as a brand, and ‘why’ we exist.

As part of the process, the team (and myself) were asked to ‘write down 3 things’ that they believed motivated me. I was intrigued to see what my team thought made me tick!

Interestingly their answers were pretty much around the same themes as my own, which are ultimately People, Vision, and Detail.


Relationships and people are key to me.

My family and loved ones, my friends, my team and my customers.

Working hard to provide for my family, and setting a good example to them to believe in their dreams, to work hard and not be afraid of failure.


Alex Feechan, FINDRA

The same applies to my work, my team and my customers. Without a strong, motivated happy team, FINDRA wouldn’t thrive and grow. I view our customers in the same way. They are part of the FINDRA family and I want them to have the best possible experience with us, to feel motivated and encouraged to get outdoors and to show them there are no barriers to enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle. I want them to enjoy wearing our products and to enjoy shopping with us. For me, our customer is at the heart of the brand. They are the people who engage with us, buy our products, comment on our social media posts, and come along to visit us at events all over the country and ultimately spread the word. How they feel about the experience they have with us counts. They are the reason we exist.

All relationships count, and to me creating positive one’s matter. Making a difference in a positive way motivates me.



On the darkest of days, when faced with the most difficult challenges in business or personal life I always remind myself of my vision. Back in 2013 when the idea for FINDRA was forming I had a very clear picture in my head of what I wanted to achieve, I fully understood the type of business I wanted to create and the brand I wanted to build, I could see it, and all that came with it. It was a projection of the future but a very clear and detailed one.

It’s this ability to visualise that motivates me on a daily basis, especially on the days when it feels like everything is falling apart and the dream is crumbling. There have been many times over the last 3 years when I could have walked away or decided I couldn’t do this anymore. When feeling low or unsure of what to do I look beyond the problem or obstacle and look ahead at the future, reminding myself of the clear picture in my head of what I am building. I see my vision of FINDRA the brand, our values, the products, the customer, I see how I want the brand to be perceived, and where we will be in 1, 3 or 5 years. My belief in my vision is so strong, powerful and clear to me that I cannot ignore it or let it go, and for that I am thankful!


Alex Feechan FINDRA Mood Board



As a creative person it can often come as a surprise that I am very much a stickler for details, my ongoing mantra is ‘ nothing is a coincidence’ basically meaning all details have been considered and nothing is an accident! Detail is important to me, I like to know things have been considered in detail, I like to design with detail, and when creating something new I want to think through all aspects and ensure, as much as possible, that the small things have been considered and prepared for.

Taking the time to get things right, from designing a product to the way in which it’s presented to our customers, is so important to me. When someone discovers a FINDRA garment I want them to be drawn to the design, quality and feel of the fabric. When they put it on I want them to feel comfortable, to love how it feels. I want the fit to be right for them and I want them to discover the little details within the garment that can really make all the difference to them when wearing it. This approach doesn’t just apply to the design process but also to how I run my business. Taking time to consider all aspects of what we do and how we do it is crucial to me.  For me, the ‘devil is in the detail’ and that counts, I like to know that thought and consideration has gone into everything that myself and my team does.

Ultimately though, I believe my motivation is about wanting to make a difference, even if that difference is a small one. I hope that in some way my actions and what I choose to do will have a positive impact on the lives of the people who are important to me – my family and loved ones, my colleagues and our customers.  

Alex Feechan Outside Cafe FINDRA

FINDRA may be a clothing brand but what lies at the heart of it and what ultimately motivates me is a strong desire to encourage more people to get outdoors, realize their potential and enjoy the amazing benefits of nature and the positive impact that can have on their lives.

Even a small change in lifestyle such as a 10-minute walk outdoors can have a positive impact, and I want FINDRA to play a part in encouraging more people to aim for that experience and more.