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“Shirt week! The wonderful merino world of Findra” – ProWomens Cycling

By Sarah Connolly for ProWomen’s Cycling

This is a personal story, I’m warning you in advance!

When I’ve met the Adventure Syndicate folk at events, and watched Lee Craigie‘s video about riding the Caledonia Way, I’ve noticed their lovely merino tops, made by Scottish women’s cycling brand Findra.  I loved the style, of course, and the little details, like the thumb-holes, and the great textured elbows – it’s really nice clothing, and the website is full of gorgeous things.

And then I was on a panel, at the Oxford Broken Spokes Co-operative/Adventure Syndicate Women & Bicycles event, sitting next to Findra owner and founder Alex Feechan, and wow, I loved hearing her story, too.  One of the questions we were all asked was had there been a time when we didn’t feel like we belonged in/welcome/part of cycling, and I talked about how shitty I felt being a UK size 18 woman looking for a cycling jacket, and how I’m too fat to wear most cycling clothes.  Every now and then people offer to send me things, and I have to turn it down, as the largest size a lot of brands do is size 16.  I know I should lose weight, of course, but at the same time, I never feel so much hate about myself as I do when I realise a lot of cycling brands think I’m too fat to ride.

So after the panel, Alex said she’d send me a piece – I thanked her, and said it was kind, but I didn’t think it would fit…. and she did – this gorgeous Marin base layer in grey, size XL, and wow, not only does it fit, but really well, and it’s so beautiful, I’ve been wearing it everywhere!

I love the combination of rollneck and the V-shape beneath it in a lighter weave for coolness.  And the seamless nature of it, the way it’s designed for a woman’s body, and the little texture details.  Plus, all the joy of merino wool.  So I have absolutely no qualms about recommending this brand!

Of course Findra make lovely merino tops, but they also do shorts and padded leggings, (including a MTB short in denim which I never knew could even be a thing!) and accessories including neck- and arm-warmers and really cute hats.

If you sign up to their newsletter on the website, you’ll get 10% off – and if you want to read reviews and press about the brand, check out this web-page, which includes this Bike Radar profile of Feechan (there’s an interview with her on We Love Cycling, too).

Findra is unashamedly designed for women, but of course men can buy it too (and if any guys are thinking about complaining, remember that the majority of cycling stuff is the other way round!) – and if you have any questions, just ask them!  They’re super-friendly, and you can contact them on twitterfacebookinstagram and via the website.  Findra clothing makes me happy, and I hope you’ll love it too.