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Getting Mentally Ready for a New Year

Having goals for the upcoming year is definitely a good thing, but don’t feel pressured into starting the ball rolling on them straight away. The cultural pressure to lay down your ‘New Year Resolutions’ on 1st January isn’t helpful, especially if you’re wanting to work on your mental health. We set goals for the things we want to accomplish and swear to ourselves to stick to it, but many of us have a hard time following through. Mental health plays more of a role in your success than you may expect. Here are our top 5 tips on how to get ready for a brand new year with new, exciting plans.



1/. Reflect on last year

It’s human nature to always have your sights set on what’s next, but if you don’t appreciate what you’ve done then you’ll never appreciate what you do. We love a list here at FINDRA, so why not sit down and list your achievements, lessons learnt and all the dreams you have. Then you can truly reflect on everything you’ve experienced in 2019, good or bad, and use that perspective to think ahead to the future.


2/. Take some time to relax

Some of us were lucky enough to have had a break from work over Christmas and New Year, but often that’s filled to the brim with social gatherings and commitments and we arrive into January feeling like we need another holiday to get over the merriment! January can be your post-Christmas break from being too busy so you can jump into February feeling rested and ready.



3/. Wrap up last year

Send off your invoices, schedule your appointments, pay off debts – sign off from 2019’s business before 2020 gets too hectic. Starting the year with a clear, clean slate can be mentally relieving so January doesn’t feel to overwhelming.


4/. Declutter your space

The spring clean doesn’t have to happen in spring! In fact, clearing and cleaning your living space can help you get through those last few dark months of the year before the glorious spring arrives to brighten our lives. Give everything a deep clean, whip out the duster, maybe even rearrange the furniture!


5/. Think long term

Now we can sit down and take a look at what we might want to achieve this year. Taking the longer-term approach looking at your lifestyle and being honest and realistic with yourself and about what you hope to achieve is sure to be more successful. Making step by step changes are more sustainable rather than making a drastic change which will fall apart in a month or two. Small changes are less intimidating – so maybe you aim to just going for an evening walk rather than an evening jog?

So take it easy this January as you prepare for the year to come. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.