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Fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day

There’s a lot of pressure out there to find “the one” or at least have “someone” around this time of year. Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no escaping it. But loving and appreciating yourself is extremely important and doesn’t have its own celebrated day each year! At FINDRA, we don’t believe you should let Valentine’s Day get you down so we’re encouraging a bit of self-care and love for yourself first.


Find an activity you enjoy doing…

We’ve spoken about the benefit of activity on your mental health, and we’re always trying to encourage people to get outside. But what about how activity affects how you view yourself? Your self-worth should not be dictated by how someone else feels about you and most certainly should not be dictated by how you look. Our bodies are capable of doing incredible things and taking us to wonderful places. If you’ve not found an activity yet, consider starting an activity because it looks fun or challenging rather than how you’ll physically benefit. You don’t have to label yourself a ‘runner’ or a ‘cyclist’ as that can be an intimidating reason to not start, you just need to do it your way. Sometimes starting is the hardest part, but once you start it can only snowball from there!


…and give yourself credit!

If you’ve found an activity you enjoy doing, take pride in it. You’re the only one making your legs move on that walk, nobody else. It’s only you and your lionheart swimming in that cold-water lake! It can be very easy to downplay our achievements when they’re everyday. But here at FINDRA, we love celebrating your everyday adventures with you. Head over to our Facebook group to share your achievements with our community. Of course, giving yourself credit should extend to everything you do. Sometimes, when your mental health takes a knock, give yourself credit for simple things such as getting out of bed and showering. When things in life are good – celebrate everything you’ve achieved!


Embrace what makes you, you

Embrace your uniqueness and your quirks and be your authentic self. When you accept those parts of yourself, surround yourself with those who love those parts of you too. Finding and loving your authentic self can be quite a journey and one which can last a lifetime, but live bravely through your passions and put yourself out there. Are you creative, assertive, thoughtful or eccentric? Use your best qualities to your advantage!


Be kind to yourself

Have you ever taken time to consider how you speak to yourself? Keeping a thought diary is a useful step to understanding this; actually take note of your internal monologue. Are you hard on yourself throughout the day? What do your thoughts and actions say about your relationship with yourself? Once you’ve taken time to reflect, do you treat yourself like someone you love?

It is not selfish to care about yourself. Be your own Valentine.

Heart on the beach