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1. a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

FINDRA’s Founder, Alex, is just back from E-Spark’s Entrepreneuring Awards. The Glasgow event, held in partnership with RBS and KPMG, saw ‘firms pitch their business ideas to a panel of distinguished judges to be in with a chance of winning cash prices to help them grow and succeed’.

E-Spark is the world’s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures. It’s been a huge supporter of FINDRA, encouraging and pushing it forward from the very beginning.

Alex is clear on how important their involvement has been. “When I joined in 2014, I had an idea. It was E-Spark that helped me validate that idea, validate my product and helped lay the foundations of my business. My Enabler Anne has been a solid and continuous support throughout the ongoing ups and downs that a new business experiences.”

And we’re delighted to say that we were one of the winners of the Acceler-8 Award!

Perhaps FINDRA’s biggest compliment comes from E-Spark founder and chief executive Jim Duffy. “The winners will receive funding to help them take their vision to the next level and I’m sure they will be the ‘ones to watch’ over the coming years.”