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So what’s your favorite Christmas Tradition? Maybe you don’t have one or maybe you have more than one! Christmas can mean different things to different people, and when we look back over the ages the history of the Christmas is wide and varied, have a look at this link on the history of the season, some interesting stuff on the craziest time of the year!

I can’t say I am a massive Christmas fan but I do enjoy this time of year, I love the fact that the nights are dark the weather is cold and wintry and really the best place to be is at home in front of a warm fire with your nearest and dearest.

When reflecting on our family traditions during this joyous season it made me realise we actually have quite a few! Some which continue on from my own childhood and others that are new ones created with my own kids.


With 3 sons the last 20 years have been a fun and exciting time in our house at Christmas if not a little stressful too! Even as my boys have grown up the excitement is still there for them and me, with various traditions playing an important part in the festive celebrations. There are several things we do every year, but one that we all love and stick to is the ‘Christmas Eve’ tradition.

When the boys were little the Xmas Eve ritual would start with bath time and the wearing of new Xmas pj’s (it’s important to wear new fresh pj’s when Santa is on his way!) this was then followed with the opening of one special gift each. This would often be a book and usually one about Christmas but this has changed over the years! Once everyone was settled we would all watch a film together. To finish off the boys would set out Santa and Rudolph’s refreshments, then head to bed. (At which point there would be much stress as the excitement meant they would never ever manage to fall asleep!)


Alex's sons get involved in the Christmas tradition

As the boys have grown up the routine has had a few modifications but at 20, 17 and 13 they still love this tradition often found wearing their new pj’s and settled down to watch a film together by about 7.30!


I love that even as they have grown up this tradition is still important to them and one that they hold onto, for me the joy of this time of year is about being together spending time with the ones you love, in many ways Christmas Eve is more special to me than the big day itself, because I cherish being with my family, it’s simple and uncomplicated and a tradition that I hope we can do for as long as possible and who knows maybe even pass this on to the future generations of our family.

Have a great Christmas – All the Best Alex. Owner & Founder of FINDRA


Here’s what the rest of the FINDRA team will be up to over Christmas, hopefully, everyone will have a fantastic time over the break, whether they get out to enjoy the outside or just enjoy the view from the window.


Here’s the thing. I don’t think I have any Christmas traditions, although not for want of trying; our boxing day walks end in tears, letters from Santa have gone unopened and stir it up Sunday turns into ‘will someone please help Tuesday’.  I think it’s due to having such lovely Christmases when I was wee.  There was caroling and church services and growing up in the Highlands we collected holly and went ice skating on the moors and of course, it always, always snowed.  Christmas began with the real tree, the musty decorations and the lights that, no matter how carefully stored, were tangled and broken.  And one (not always successful) tradition I’ve just remembered was putting the tree on legs so the mice couldn’t eat our selection boxes. So not so perfect after all it seems! Maybe I should be content that the annual ‘who’s hidden the fairy now’ arguments or Christmas film/Xbox face-off is part of our family tradition and hope that my kids think it always snowed too!

Winter in the Tweed Valley

It is always good to get out for a walk, whatever the weather holds.


Family tradition for us is for the kids to choose one Christmas tree decoration each from ‘Ye olde Christmas Shoppe’ on the Royal Mile. They can personalise them in the shop and the kids love choosing one.
Another is our annual Christmas visit from our cheeky elf on the shelf who the kids named ‘Jingles’. He is with us every day in Dec causing mischief before going back to Santa on Christmas eve.


Although things change a little bit from year to year as the boys get older, there is I guess a recurring theme to Christmas Eve and the BIG DAY itself:
Christmas Eve involves me frantically cleaning the house in preparation for Santa’s visit whilst the rest of the family “escape” for a walk up a hill somewhere with the dogs. The boys then spend all their time asking when their Nanny (My lovely Mum) is arriving – partly because they love her dearly and partly because she comes laden with gifts for under the tree 🙂 We try not to have a massive dinner in prep for the days to come. THEN we sit down in time for The Snowman and maybe Polar Express and of course some Mulled Wine. Before bed, we prepare some milk and Christmas cake for Santa and a carrot or 2 for his Reindeers and check the skies for signs as well as the online (modern day) “Santa Tracker”. When the boys are in bed it’s all systems go wrapping the remaining presents – as I am never that organised. Then us adults might have another wee tipple of something and finally, we too get to go to bed – before Santa makes his long-awaited appearance…..!

Is that Whisky? Santa is going to have a long night


We always like to get up early (well, not that early) on Christmas day and get out for a walk, this started off when I was a kid and has stayed part of Christmas now I’ve moved to Scotland. My eldest brother always used to wear his best trousers and every year got mud up them and had to change when we got back. We’ve learnt how to dress more appropriately now! As well as being a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, wishing everyone we see Merry Christmas, it also sets us up for a day of eating and gets the dogs exercised first thing so carnage is minimised.

walking in the snow. FINDRA

What Christmas snow walks look like in Susan’s dreams.