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Lee Craigie, Emily Chappell, Rickie Cotter and Paula Regener are a group of incredible women who are literally taking the world by storm. Together they are The Quad, part of The Adventure Syndicate

The Quad is the first ever professional cycling team to specialise entirely in self-supported ultra-distance events and will be launched at Spin CyclingFestival  this weekend.

The Adventure Syndicate are a collective of female cyclists dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and enabling other people to challenge what they think they are capable of.

FINDRA is incredibly proud to be one of the headline sponsors of this inspiring group of women. The team will be wearing their FINDRA clothing as they race some of the most challenging events of the ultra-distance calendar, including the Highland Trail 550, the TransAtlantic Way and the Tour Divide

They will also remain dedicated to The Adventure Syndicate’s social aims, and are arriving at Spin fresh from a week-long roadshow around the Scottish Highlands and Islands, visiting schools and youth groups, to promote active travel in remote communities.

“Although we’ll be racing at the highest level, there’s so much more to The Quad than just competition,” says team director Lee Craigie, (former British Mountain Bike Champion and member of Team GB). “We believe passionately that everyone has more in them than they realize, if they can just overcome the fears that are holding them back, and we’ll be sharing our own doubts and anxieties throughout our adventures, to demonstrate that no one is fearless, and help people discover their own courage.”

Fellow title sponsors of the Quad and Adventure syndicate are Leigh Day CyclingApidura and Exped.

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l-r: Paula Regener, Lee Craigie, Rickie Cotter, Emily Chappell (Image: James Robertson)