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The Road To Recovery Part 3: Kim Rand

Six Weeks in…

Ok there are a few things I need to get off my chest:

  1. Yes, I am very probably, certifiably insane!
  1. I am seriously considering getting a T-shirt/badge/banner saying “I broke my leg mountain biking… Yes it hurts!”
  1. No, I won’t be giving up biking.
  1. My cast is off!!!! Yeee haaa
  1. I can walk, oh OK limp, swim and use my turbo! Again, yeeeee haaaaa

And breath……. Aaah!

Wow, Tenerife for a week. Wall to wall sunshine with my gorgeous family. I am a lucky girl!!!!!!

I did however, have an insight into quite a demoralising and incredibly patronising world…..  I was very grateful to have airport assistance during our long journey but the number of people who asked Rob what I was capable of rather than asking me was phenomenal…. “Sir, can she use the steps to the aircraft?” etc, etc. As kind hearted as people’s intensions were, I was parked/left in numerous unsuitable and vulnerable places (busy places where my foot/leg was quite exposed) and I just felt completely out of control.  I think everyone should spend at least a couple of hours in a very busy public place in a wheel chair!  I know in a couple of weeks I can get up and walk away, but my God, that was a snapshot I’ll never forget!!!! 😞

I quickly found that I was very conspicuous around our hotel. Kind people asking about my injury; inquisitive people staring, pointing and whispering, people being incredibly helpful, and people giving me a wide berth. I was asked approximately 4-6 times a day “If I did it here?”, numerous men, slightly inebriated and usually smaller than me, offered to carry me 😂😂😂😂and I found out in the lift one morning that the rumour was: I’d jumped the shallow end of the pool and smashed my ankle on the bottom…..?!? (I clearly don’t look incredibly bright!!!!)

My next discovery was that I couldn’t feasibly move far from my sun lounger. After one disastrous trip to a wet, marbled floored bathroom and a performance reminiscent of Bambi on ice, I stayed put and allowed my family to bring me drinks and nibbles; well, we all have to know when to give in sometimes. 😋 🍸🍾


For the past 5 weeks I’ve tried to be careful about my food intake as all I’ve done is sit on my ass in my very special old lady reclining chair whilst only walking about 50 steps a day. I’ve been quite successful, and not seen much of a change in the fit of my, currently limited choice of clothes. Now, hmmmm…… holiday, booze, snacks, buffets, ice cream’s…… OK you get the picture…. Just what I need before the weight bearing stage of my recovery.

1 day back in Scotland and my life has changed again (ok a bit dramatic!!!).


And I’ve finally got hold of my records.

Before – Ouch!!


Now – with the Bling!

My consultant is off sick at the moment, so I’m under the care of another one I’ve never met. God love him, he’s straight to the point:

“You’ve been walking OK, right?”

“Eeeerm, no, I’ve been non weight bearing for 6 weeks.”

“Oh, Ok…’ll be fine. Just walk on it….. use it as usual……. you’ll be fine……. It’ll be sore, it’ll swell up, but use it, it’ll be fine!”

“Will I get a boot?”

“Och no, just get on with it. It’ll take a long, long time and it will hurt, but you’ll get there.”

“Err, ok. Thanks.” (I think)…. Any physio?!?!?….

As I said, ‘God love him’ and he’s definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, buy saying that, he had me walking/limping across my living room and down my hall by 9pm – without the aid of crutches, due to his absolute belief that I could…… (I’ll keep one on standby for a couple of days, just in case). 😉

Right, where’s that turbo trainer? Time to shake the dust off it (and me) and get myself going. I’ve just read on the Tweedlove website that GT7 entries go on sale on Sunday and, come hell or high water, I’m racing!!!!!!

Swimming is also a very appealing option. I don’t often give myself praise, but I’m a good swimmer. My leg will be supported in the water and it’ll be a great opportunity to work on getting my fitness back. Being ‘swim fit’ is quite a different kind of ‘fit’ and builds your lung capacity like nothing else.

I posted my x-ray pics on FB and was blown away by the response; the number of friends commenting on how it would just make me stronger, was very humbling. And as a result I feel stronger and more determined.

I know there is a massive insurgence in groups of ‘girls who mountain bike’ up and down the country but I genuinely feel privileged with what we have here in our community. I’m a member of 2 Facebook groups where girls encourage each other and arrange regular ride-outs. Through these, I know that in the coming months a vast range of riders from cool trail-centre riders to fairly extreme Downhillers and super talented Enduro riders will come out with me, ride with me, encourage me, support me, and push me; it almost brings a tear to my eye (almost ladies, almost 😉).

What can I say?? The women in this sport are awesome!!! 😘