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What Have You Always Wanted To Try?

Our intrepid CEO, Alex Feechan, went off on her holidays earlier this month to enjoy some seriously deserved R&R. However, true to form she managed to still fit in some exciting new experiences!


She managed a few days of rest, book reading and sunbathing but it wasn’t long before she saw the opportunity to try something that’s always been on her active bucket list. Surfing.

alex and roddy surfing

If you’ve met Team FINDRA at any events, or even at our HQ in Innerleithen you may recognise Roddy on the left. He’s Mr. FINDRA. With a bit of coaxing, he was really into it!

alex and roddy surfing

Ready to hit the waves!

This is why downtime is so important. Finding the right work/life balance means you can get out of your comfort zone. You don’t need to take Baz Luhrmann’s advice and “do one thing every day that scares you”, but start checking those things off your list that you’ve always wanted to do. Alex and Roddy absolutely loved surfing (anyone know of great places in Scotland to surf?!) and they’re working on carving out the time to have more adventures.

If you had nothing stopping you, what would you like to try?