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Stylish, Sustainable & Versatile

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Why merino is the perfect gift this Christmas

It can be hard to find the right gift for women, and men for that matter. We don’t want to give them something that will be confined to the back of the cupboard forever, we don’t want something that will not fit with their style or add clutter to their home. We most definitely don’t want to have them struggle to find something nice to say about your carefully chosen gift.

FINDRA merino wool at Christmas

We want it to be thoughtful and we want something that is quality and long lasting, worth the money spent on it and showing that you’ve put some real thought and love into choosing it.


Merino wool keeps the wearer warm and is the perfect layer, it wicks away moisture keeping them feeling fresh and comfortable all day, whatever they’re up to.


If the receiver of your gift is an avid sportswoman, she’ll appreciate the high-performance fabric that allows her to get out and get into nature whatever the weather. Whether she’s running in an event, cycling to achieve a challenge or walking the dog, the wicking properties of merino mean she’ll be kept at just the right temperature.


If the lady you have in mind is more into the soft feel of the fabric she’ll love FINDRA merino too, the flattering cut and classic styling will make this a popular gift whatever her age. FINDRA merino is the perfect gift because stylish, comfortable clothing never goes out of fashion. The timeless style of FINDRA pieces means they can be worn for more than one season, you aren’t contributing to the throwaway fashion common to the high street.

FINDRA merino wool neck warmers at Christmas


If you want to give a splash of colour, you can give one of our FINDRA merino neck warmers or headbands. You can choose a colour that you think would make her look fantastic and she can wear it all throughout the year with different outfits. Quality accessories are always welcome and can change the look of an outfit – so you could even get two to give her more choice.


FINDRA merino is made in the UK from 100% New Zealand merino, you can be assured that all our wool comes from environmentally approved sources and is spun to the highest standards.

We bring you the best product so that you can gift FINDRA merino knowing you’re gifting a quality product that she’ll love for years to come.