Women’s Trail Trousers & Shorts

Women’s Trail Trousers & Shorts

Stylish and versatile multi-activity shorts and trousers

FINDRA Dreva Womens Denim Shorts
FINDRA Dreva Womens Denim Shorts
Dreva Denim Trail Shorts
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FINDRA Kilda Shorts Night Sky
FINDRA Kilda Shorts Celery
Kilda Softshell Trail Shorts
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FINDRA Cora Pants
FINDRA Cora Cargo Pants Forest Green
Cora Cargo Pants
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Comfort with ease of movement

Designed specifically for women, our Dreva Denim and Kilda Softshell trail shorts and Cora cargo pants are lightweight, breathable, water repellent and feature a four-way stretch weave for greater freedom of movement.

Relaxed and stylish, they’re perfect for all kinds of outdoor activity.