Women’s Trail Trousers & Shorts

Stylish and versatile multi-activity shorts and trousers

Comfort with ease of movement

Designed specifically for women, our Dreva Denim and Kilda Softshell trail shorts and Cora cargo pants are lightweight, breathable, water repellent and feature a four-way stretch weave for greater freedom of movement.

Relaxed and stylish, they’re perfect for all kinds of outdoor activity.

FINDRA Dreva Womens Denim Shorts
FINDRA Dreva Womens Denim Shorts
Dreva Denim Trail Shorts
Regular price £70.00 Sale price£35.00 Save £35.00
13 reviews
FINDRA Cora Pants
FINDRA Cora Cargo Pants Forest Green
Cora Cargo Pants
Regular price £85.00 Sale price£42.50 Save £42.50
10 reviews
FINDRA Kilda Shorts Celery
FINDRA Kilda Shorts Celery Front
Kilda Softshell Trail Shorts
Regular price £70.00 Sale price£55.00 Save £15.00
14 reviews
FINDRA Womens's Trail Trousers and Shorts for hiking and biking