We actively search for and carefully select the best manufacturers in the world, who share our values and who can deliver the highest quality product in an ethical and sustainable way. 


Across our range, 60% of what we create is manufactured in the UK. By working with manufacturers in Scotland and England, we access their particular expertise in merino and lambswool production with exceptionally high quality craftsmanship. Moreover, sourcing our materials locally reduces our carbon footprint by minimising transportation distances, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Our choice to work with our partners in China is driven by their well-established manufacturing infrastructure and expertise in textile production and innovative fabrics that allows us to achieve the quality and performance standards we strive for. All the Chinese manufactures that we work with are certified to the highest standards both in environmental performance and labour conditions and account for 30% of our products across the site.


We have chosen Portugal as the manufacturer for the Burton, Beryl and Lena leggings which use ECONYL fabrics. Aside from Portugal’s experience with this fabric, as an EU country we benefit from their rigid environmental and social standards.

If you would like more information on our factories and accreditations you can contact us directly.