How to Layer clothing for hiking

How to Layer clothing for hiking

The next time you’re getting away from it all with a trip to the hills, mountains or woodlands, stay warm and dry with a smart layering system.

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Best way to layer up for a hike.

Layers help trap air and keep you insulated from the cold. They also offer great flexibility – perfect for changeable weather or a hike that varies in intensity.

A soft and cosy base layer.

Your base layer is the one that sits next to your skin, so you want it to be ultra soft. FINDRA base layers are made from Merino wool, which is not only gentle but also really efficient at absorbing moisture too, which is important for keeping you feeling fresh and dry.

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A flexible mid-layer.

This is the layer that is going to do some heavy lifting when it comes to creating insulation. How thick your mid-layer is can depend on the weather and on cold days, a combination of several mid-layers is a smart choice. A cosy long-sleeved top, a cowl neck or a zip up top works well over vests and t-shirts.

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A weather resistant outer layer.

Your top layer is the one that offers protection from wind and rain. Ideally, you want a waterproof fabric that is both breathable and lightweight, allowing you plenty of freedom of movement. It’s sensible to pack an outer layer even when the weather looks bright. Choose a jacket that can be easily folded and stashed with your gear.

Smart accessories.

One of the most essential accessories for any hiking trip is a good pair of socks under your boots. Merino wool socks are ideal, thanks to their softness, durability, odour resistance and wicking capabilities. A neck warmer is handy for eliminating drafts when you hit wind, while a hat and arm warmers are ideal for the colder months.

FINDRA clothing for hikes.

Our Merino wool base layers and mid-layers are designed to wick moisture away from your body to keep you feeling fresh. Pair with environmentally friendly waterproof fabrics designed to protect you from the elements. Explore the FINDRA range of hiking clothing for women and men.