How to layer clothing for wild swimming

How to layer clothing for wild swimming

Wild swimming is a wonderful way to connect with nature and get your blood flowing. And it’s even better when you have cosy clothes to change into afterwards.

Layers for your wild swimming trip.

Be prepared when you head out for your next dip, with an easy to pack and cosy selection of layers designed to warm you back up again.

A cosy base layer.

The second you’ve dried off, you’re going to want to pull on a nice cosy base layer. The softer, the better. A high wicking fabric like Merino is a great idea, as it will help you deal with any residual moisture and clamminess. When you’ve been open water swimming, especially in places like Scotland where the water can stay cold even in summer, you need lots of layers to help you raise and regulate your core temperature as quickly as possible.

A breathable mid-layer.

Layering systems are so effective because they allow you to build up insulating pockets of warm air between each layer of fabric. Be prepared to need more layers after your swim than you did beforehand. Choose stretchy mid-layers that can be easily folded and packed away between uses.

A weather resistant outer layer.

After swimming, you’ll want the chance to dry off and warm up – but sometimes the weather has other ideas. A breathable, waterproof jacket will help protect you from the elements.

Warming accessories.

Accessories are handy for adding warmth as soon as you get out of the water. Woolly socks and a hat can be pulled on quickly, while arm and neck warmers are great for adding extra heat once you’re dressed. Our hot water bottle covers with pockets are a nice way to warm your hands up post swim.

FINDRA clothing for wild swimming

Soft and cosy, our Merino wool base and mid-layers are perfect after a wild swim. Dry off well, then wrap up in breathable zip up tops and tees. Our woolly hats and arm warmers are good for warming up quickly. Explore the FINDRA range of clothing for women and men.