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Stay protected from snow sprays and windy mountain tops while remaining free and flexible with a sensible layering system. Layering your clothes makes it easier for you to control your temperature and enjoy your ski.

A high wicking base layer

You’re going to face a lot of extreme changes in temperature when you’re hitting the slopes, so starting with a base layer that can absorb moisture and keep you dry is essential. You’ll also want an ultra-soft fabric like merino wool that will be gentle on your skin.

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A breathable mid-layer (or two)

The freedom to ski without bulky clothes comes from choosing your mid-layers wisely. Add several thin layers that will allow you to trap insulating heat between them, from t-shirts to long-sleeved tops. For particularly cold climates, a gilet is an excellent addition as it offers loads of warmth while still making it easy to swing your arms.

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Accessories for your skiing trip

Cosy neck warmers are a top choice for skiing. Our warmers are specially designed to work with our jackets and tops, helping you stay insulated on your adventures. A hat is a must-have, as are some well-fitting and cosy socks.

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