How to layer clothing for skiing

How to layer clothing for skiing

Stay protected from snow sprays and windy mountain tops while remaining free and flexible with a sensible layering system. Layering your clothes makes it easier for you to control your temperature and enjoy your ski.

How to layer when you’re skiing.

Layer up and stay agile on the slopes by choosing thin, breathable fabrics with a great weight-to-warmth ratio.

A high wicking base layer.

You’re going to face a lot of extreme changes in temperature when you’re hitting the slopes, so starting with a base layer that can absorb moisture and keep you dry is essential. You’ll also want an ultra-soft fabric like merino wool that will be gentle on your skin.

A breathable mid-layer (or two).

The freedom to ski without bulky clothes comes from choosing your mid-layers wisely. Add several thin layers that will allow you to trap insulating heat between them, from t-shirts to long-sleeved tops. For particularly cold climates, a gilet is an excellent addition as it offers loads of warmth while still making it easy to swing your arms.

A waterproof outer layer.

A breathable jacket made from waterproof fabric is great for helping you stay fresh while keeping out the worst of any fresh snowfall. A zip up outer layer with pockets and a high neck will help you keep your layering system sealed.

Accessories for your skiing trip.

Cosy neck warmers are a top choice for skiing. Our warmers are specially designed to work with our jackets and tops, helping you stay insulated on your adventures. A hat is a must-have, as are some well-fitting and cosy socks.

FINDRA clothing for skiing

Our Seamless Performance™ range is ideal for skiing, as its innovative knitting technique means there are no seams to rub or cause irritation as you move. Our breathable merino base and mid-layers will keep you warm without clamminess, and we have a full range of accessories perfect for mixing and matching. We even have a woolly hot water bottle cover with pocket – perfect for rest stops. Explore the FINDRA range of skiing clothing for women and men.