How to Layer clothing for cycling

How to Layer clothing for cycling

Getting your layers right for cycling can mean the difference between a blissful ride and a stressful one. You want to layer your clothing so that you are well protected from the cold and are able to stay cool and dry, no matter how hard you’re pedalling. If you choose lightweight layers, you can easily pack them down small and pop them in your rucksack or panniers without being weighed down.

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The smart way to layer for a bike ride.

The key to getting your clothing right for cycling in different weather is in layering. Lots of thin layers allow you to trap heat and stay warm.

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A warm and breathable base layer.

With a great warmth-to-weight ratio, Merino wool vests and t-shirts are ideal as base layers. You also want a base layer that will quickly transport moisture away from the body, like merino.

A thin and cosy mid-layer.

A thin jersey or long sleeved top makes a good mid-layer. Be sure that the fabric is breathable and wickable too, to avoid clamminess on hard rides. It’s great to have more than one mid-layer. Even if you’re warm enough with one while cycling, having an extra gilet or top to wear during service and rest stops can be handy.

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A windproof and waterproof top layer.

The perfect outer layer for cycling is a lightweight jacket that’s wind and waterproof. Ideally, you want the fabric to be fast drying and compact enough that you can store it in your pannier or backpack. FINDRA jackets are made from an ultra-lightweight fabric with 4-way stretch, so they move with you.

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Durable cycling tights or leggings.

Designed for ease of movement and to avoid catching the gear chain, leggings and tights are a handy piece of cycling kit. A wicking fabric is a good way to avoid clamminess, but you will also want it to be durable and able to cope with friction. Padded cycling tights are designed for extra comfort for long rides. Pair with shorts for an extra layer on cold days.

Two people pushing their bikes while wearing FINDRA

FINDRA cycling clothes.

Our full range of cycling clothes are made from merino wool or environmentally friendly, lightweight synthetic fabrics. These have all been chosen for their ability to wick moisture from the skin, their durability and their versatility. Explore the FINDRA range of cycling clothing for women and men.