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What Motivates Me: Rich and Tom

With the lighter evenings on the way, we’ve asked each of our brand ambassadors where they get their motivation from. If you’ve struggled to get outside over winter, or even if you haven’t, we hope your motivation fire is fuelled with this mini-series blog. Today, we ask Rich and Tom Seipp, the father-son cycling duo.

Rich and Tom Seipp

We’ve all heard phrases like “Monday blues” and “It’s nearly the weekend”, but what if I say to you that Tom and I are more likely to have a little moan on a weekend about riding our bikes locally. The best time to ride mountain bikes round here is to be found during the week.

Tom and I are fortunate to have the Peak District National Park on our doorstep. It is, of course, no secret that because of the Park’s proximity to Manchester and Sheffield, pick a weekend day when the sun is shining and you will guarantee that you will spend at least some of your time in the company of others who have also come to enjoy the countryside. If you came in search of solitude you’d definitely be disappointed.

What if I said though, that you can visit that normally busy National Park and have it nearly all to yourself. Those footpaths and bridleways which are busy at the weekends are deserted Monday to Friday after 4pm. OK, in winter that means you’ll need a headtorch for a run or bike lights to get out into the hills, but in the summer we can be out during daylight and have the place to ourselves. I will add (though we are not really morning people) that this applies to before 9am too.

There is something special about being out in the hills and not seeing other people. Tom and I can chat about whatever or just enjoy some quiet time together. Some downtime after school and work. There is also that feeling that you’ve achieved something other than the usual 9-5. Oh, and watching the sunset behind a distant hill is something we will never get bored of.

This summer we have a big trip planned for which some bike fitness is required. Though we definitely don’t train in any sort of structured way, getting out during the week a few days helps to keep the legs and lungs ticking over. At the weekend we’ll try to get at least one day, but sometimes family commitments, or Tom meeting up with his friends means that we might miss the odd weekend, though there’s no worrying about losing fitness as we’ve already done some miles during the week.

I remember once us climbing out of Wasdale in the Lake District with our bikes on our shoulders around 8pm on a summer’s afternoon and a walker approaching me saying “Isn’t it a bit late to be going into the hills?” I replied “No, this is the best time to head for the hills”